The Northern Lights Will Be Visible In Britain’s Skies Tonight

Look to the skies this evening, and you could see one of nature’s greatest spectacles: the Northern Lights. 

Forecasters at NASA’s NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) predict a spike in solar activity this evening, which could mean that the Northern Lights are visible over the UK. 

According to the experts, the solar activity should be strongest from around 9pm this evening, until around 3am tomorrow morning. 

According to the Met Office, the weather in the UK tonight will be “Dry with clear spells for most, but a few showers in the west” – which bodes well for those in search of the Lights. 

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, occur most commonly in the Arctic Circle, but occasionally venture further south. Northernmost areas are most likely to experience the phenomenon, especially in remote areas away from light pollution. 

Northern Lights above the Lofoten Islands in Norway (Alamy)

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