'This almost makes me want to cancel my subscription' Netflix's weird new dating show is dividing the internet

When contestants describe their dates as sexy beasts, they mean it literally

contestants sat at a bar on new netflix show sexy beasts
(Image credit: Courtesy: Netflix)

We might well describe someone we like as a "sexy beast," but Netflix's latest dating show takes this playful term of endearment to a whole different level. A British reality TV show, Sexy Beasts, is set to premiere globally this summer, and it's certainly getting mixed reviews.  

In a nutshell, Sexy Beasts is essentially The Bachelor and The Masked Singer joined forces. In a quest to find the one, contestants dress up in prosthetics, think manatees, chipmunks, praying mantises, and even a few Devil-like characters, all on a journey to find their special person (underneath the animal costume, that is). 

The contestant in question won't know what his or her match looks like—and vice versa—until he or she selects "the one" based on their experience. 

According to Netflix, "Sexy Beasts is a new dating show where real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test."


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And there's something to be said about this odd method (which happens to be a fantastic recipe for a TV binge). 

Attraction is, of course, one of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship, but we oftentimes allow looks to cloud our judgment. Sexy beasts unique approach allows an emotional connection to develop before a physical one, and that might not necessarily be the worst thing. 

But not everyone agrees. Since Netflix previewed the trailer for Sexy Beasts online, people everywhere seem to have an opinion, ranging from pure joy to downright anger.

One Twitter user was quick to respond, saying "This almost makes me want to cancel my subscription"

While another noticed the problematic nature of the show, "All those people are thin and attractive underneath of the costumes so the “based on personality alone” thing is a bit of a stretch."

But some pockets of the internet are seriously excited to see how the show will unfold with many commenting on how they can't wait to watch, "I think this is something we can binge watch" said one.

And another acknowledged the ridiculousness of the show but still wants to get involved, "Now this is just too much for me but I’m sure I’ll be tuned in." 

Whether the show turns out to be a success or not, it's certainly got people talking.

Sexy Beasts, hosted by comedian Rob Delaney, premieres on Netflix on July 12, and already has a second season in the works.

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