The one place you should NEVER hang a mirror in your home revealed

Interior decorators and experts agree!

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Decorating a home can be a seriously exciting task so if you've just invested in a new mirror for your home and are wondering where to hang it, you're going to want to listen up! 

Experts agree that of all the places to hang a mirror, opposite your bed should be a last resort as hanging it there can have all sorts of scary side effects.

Fung Shui experts claim that placing a mirror opposite your bed can be a bad idea and may cause you to have nightmares or insomnia. So even if you have the best mattress and best pillow, you too could still be vulnerable to disturbed sleep.

MattressNextDay enlisted feng shui expert Vicky Sweetloveto explain more.

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Vicky reveals that a mirror facing your bed can bring you nightmares. 

"They say that when we sleep at night, our soul leaves the body. When the soul sees its own reflection, it is shocked, which is why you have bad dreams and nightmares. Along with this, when your soul leaves its body, it can mistake the image in the mirror as the ‘real body’, meaning it is soul-stealing," says the Feng shui consultant. 

Many believe that this spiritual shock can cause nightmares and to truly rest while you sleep, your reflection should not be the first thing that you see opposite your bed.

For those who are less spiritual in their beliefs about sleep and where we go while we rest, a reflection can also be disarming if you wake up during the night. 

Catching your reflection when you're half asleep can be frightening. When this happens, many of us can leap to the conclusion that there is someone else in our home before we rationally realize that it is just our own reflection. This then puts us in a poor place to sleep properly as we are panicked and confused.


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In addition, Vicky believes that placing a mirror in front of your bed can create insomnia.

The Fung Shui expert says that a mirror, "depletes your personal energy which can create sleepless nights. A mirror doubles and bounces the energy in a room so can disrupt the tranquillity that's needed in a bedroom for a good night's sleep."

In a more literal sense, mirrors also bounce off light and if a passing car brings light into your bedroom, a mirror opposite your bed can cause this light to be reflected into your eyes. This can cause sleepless nights as many people struggle to sleep once they've been awoken.

Feeling of being watched 

Feng shui expert Vicky also said, "When a mirror is placed in front of the bed, it is mirroring everyone in the bed and then it is symbolic of a third party being in the relationship."

This means that having a reflective surface facing you in bed, where you are most vulnerable can feel like an intrusion into your relationship. 

Whether you have a partner in your bed, or whether you sleep alone, when you rest you want to feel comfortable and private, and when a mirror enters the equation you may feel more like a spectacle. Therefore it is best to place a mirror elsewhere in the bedroom so it does not reflect your bed and disturb your sleep.

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