Zara Tindall reveals 'annoying' Princess Anne habit in candid interview – 'it’s unbelievable'

Zara Tindall shared a rare insight into her mother's private world during the ITV documentary, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70

Zara Tindall reveals 'annoying' Princess Anne habit at Gatcombe – 'unbelievable'
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Zara Tindall revealed Princess Anne's 'annoying' habit in an interview for an ITV royal documentary, proving she's not afraid to talk honestly about her regal mother's imperfections. 

Zara Tindall proved she's not afraid to criticize her mother in a recent documentary, revealing a little-known 'annoying' habit of Princess Anne for folks to lodge to their royal trivia bank. 

Speaking on the ITV program, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70, the British equestrian didn't hold back when asked to describe the Queen's only daughter in one word. Her answer followed her brother, Peter Phillips, who hailed Princess Anne, known as the hardest working royal, as 'tenacious.' 

"Professional, caring, honest," Zara said, insisting it was "a bit stingy" to "sum her up in one word." 

Earlier in the documentary, the 41-year-old reflected on Princess Anne's high intelligence – a quality that both impresses and irritates her two adult children. 

"She's like a sponge, it's unbelievable, the information that's stored in her brain. It's incredible," Zara said, before turning to Peter, 44, to quip, "It's quite annoying, as well." 


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"It is quite annoying, yes," the English businessman agreed. The brutally honest admission didn't seem to rile royal fans, with many taking the comment section on YouTube to share their positive reactions. 

"Her children seem so down to earth and friendly," one person even wrote. 

Zara and Peter weren't the only royals to feature in Anne: The Princess Royal at 70, which was recorded over the course of a year. Princess Anne herself gave a number of exclusive interviews for the documentary, talking to various press outlets on camera from the comfort of her plush home of Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire.  

The 90-minute-long special provided a rare insight into the world of the senior royal in honor of her 70th birthday, treating viewers to never-before-heard anecdotes about life in the Royal Family along with backstage access to her busy work schedule. 

An exciting cameo from the Queen (albeit, on a video call), as well as interviews with Anne's husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, and a number of high-ranking royal staffers, are also included in the sweet documentary. 

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