Women of the Royal Family reign supreme as King Charles slips below these *three* royal figures in popularity poll

Who tops the most popular figures in the history of the Royal Family list this year?

King Charles
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While Prince William is the overall most popular royal, the majority of the top spots are held by women. Despite her death being over a quarter of a century ago, Princess Diana remains overwhelmingly popular with people in Britain, a new survey from YouGov shows. More than that, Diana’s legacy is so enduring that many 18 to 24 year olds (who weren’t alive before her passing) hold a positive opinion of the late Princess of Wales. 

  • Princess Diana’s legacy endures, more than a quarter of a century after her death as the late Princess of Wales remains more popular than King Charles and the monarchy itself.
  • The latest data from YouGov shows that 72% of Britons have a positive view of Princess Diana, including 34% who have a “very positive” opinion.
  • In other royal news, Queen's secret battle with illness in final months revealed in new book.

Prince William has been found to be the most popular royal, but it’s the women in his family who really stole the show. Filling most of the top spots, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Princess Diana and Princess Anne hold some of the most popular positions.

45% of people polled held a “very positive” opinion of the future king, narrowly beating out his wife, Kate, who comes in second with 42% of people holding the same opinion.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the two most popular royal figures

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Proving that her long-celebrated hard work has paid off, Princess Anne comes in third place with 40% of people holding a “very positive” opinion. Just 7% of people held a negative opinion of the Princess Royal.  

Most notably, despite being dead for over 25 years, Princess Diana’s legacy is still prominently felt by the British public, as the late Princess of Wales was found to be more popular than her ex-husband, King Charles, and the institution of the monarchy itself.

72% of Britons hold a positive view of Princess Diana, including 34% who have a “very positive” opinion.

Princess diana and Princess Anne round out the most popular royals

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By contrast, 67% have a positive view of King Charles, and 60% have a favourable opinion of the institution of the monarchy in general. Only 25% have a “very positive” view of Charles, and just 20% say the same of the monarchy.

The Crown season 5 has no doubt helped in reaffirming Diana’s legacy, introducing her most controversial moments like the Panorama interview to those who may not be old enough to remember.

Conversely, the reminder of Diana’s infamous interview could contribute to her unpopularity with those who were around the first time. 26% of those aged 50 or over took a negative view of Diana.

On the opposite end of the list, it’s not great news for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  

Harry and Meghan haven't fared well with the British public

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Only four in ten (39%) have a favourable view of the Duke of Sussex, down six points since September. The number of people holding a negative view have also increased by the same amount in that time, to 52%.

Just 28% of people polled hold a positive view of Meghan.

Still, nearly everyone agrees on one thing – Prince Andrew’s popularity, or lack thereof. Just 6% have a positive opinion of the Duke of York, while 85% have an unpopular opinion.

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