Why there's 'tension' between Kate Middleton's parents and Charles and Camilla

Royal experts have revealed that there is 'tension' between Kate Middleton's parents, Carole and Mike, and the King and Queen

 'tension' between Kate Middleton's parents
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It has been reported that there is 'tension' between Kate Middleton's parents, Carole and Michael, and their in-laws, the King and Queen.

Per The Mirror, royal commentators Jennie Bond, Tom Quinn, and Richard Kay discussed the dynamics between the royals and the Middletons in Channel 5's documentary, When the Middletons Met the Monarchy. The royal experts revealed that there is a slight tension because of Middleton's 'influence' on the royal youngsters and the Royal Family being 'stuck in its ways'.

In the show, Tom Quinn commented that the Middleton family had more influence over Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. "I suspect everyone thinks that in terms of the children, the royal family will inevitably have the most influence, but that is entirely wrong. It will be the Middletons that have the influence, because the royal family is too formal, it's too stuck in its ways," he said.

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Jennie Bond added that this closeness may cause 'tension' because the King and Queen's input is not requested. "I suppose there is a little tension at times between who gets to see the grandkids the most. Kate will always turn to Carole for help, advice guidance, and just get together and romping around with the kids - possibly before she would get together with Camilla and Charles," she said.

Richard Kay also commented, "Prince William has said, 'Look I am not always going to be available for the royal family, I have another family and that is Mike and Carole Middleton and that is very important to me and Kate and my children'."


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It has previously been reported that Carole Middleton played a 'crucial' role in soothing Kate Middleton's parenting fears in the early days. In True Royalty’s documentary, Kate Middleton: Heir We Go Again, Channel 5’s royal correspondent Simon Vigar revealed that Carole was very hands-on. 

"Mummy and Daddy Middleton are absolutely crucial to this story, going right back ten years and all through the courtship." Simon added, "Carole is very involved in the upbringing of George and looking after her eldest daughter Kate when she was ill with this extreme morning sickness. For many weeks, Kate was at home in Berkshire with mum and dad, and Grandma Middleton was taking up the strain."

Katie Nicholl also added that Carole helps the royal parents have a normal life. "One of the things that allow William and Kate to be so ordinary is the presence of the Middletons in their lives…[Carole] turns up to help with bedtime and bath time. She is absolutely indispensable," she concluded.

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