Why Queen Camilla’s crown could play an important part in Prince William’s coronation too

Queen Camilla's crown for her coronation could be re-worn for several important occasions in future as Queen Consort have done before her

Queen Camilla’s crown could play an important part in future. Seen here are Queen Camilla and Prince William at different occasions
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There’s a special reason why Queen Camilla’s crown for her coronation in May could also play an important part in Prince William’s coronation one day too. 

From the moment King Charles’ coronation day was confirmed as May 6, 2023 speculation has been building around what traditional elements could be incorporated into this major royal occasion. Perhaps the matter shrouded in the most mystery was which crown Queen Consort Camilla would wear when she is crowned alongside His Majesty at Westminster Abbey and if it would be the Queen Mother’s which features the controversial Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Now Queen Camilla’s coronation crown has finally been confirmed as Queen Mary’s Crown that was commissioned and previously worn by Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, Queen Mary of Teck. And whilst Queen Camilla’s crown for her coronation might be in the spotlight in May, it could also shine at Prince William’s coronation in future.   

King George V with his wife, Mary of Teck, in their coronation robes.

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This is all thanks to a precedent set by Queen Mary as well as a very versatile design feature in the crown itself. As revealed by the Royal Family website, the crown has eight detachable arches and these were all in place for Queen Mary’s coronation in 1911. For Queen Camilla’s coronation four will be removed to create a “different impression” to her great-grandmother-in-law’s crown. 

However, Queen Mary also played around with the amount of arches herself. She re-wore her crown to the coronation of her son King George VI in 1937, though some might not instantly recognize the fabulous jewelry item as it appeared more like one of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras with a diadem design minus the arches. 

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Princess Margaret, and King George VI on the coronation day

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Described as a “regal circlet” by the Royal Family site, Queen Mary’s crown’s versatility and choice to wear it to the new monarch’s coronation could be very telling. Prince William is first in the royal line of succession and if Queen Camilla is widowed in the future she could possibly decide to emulate Queen Mary and wear her crown in its circlet form to his future coronation. 

Although it is slightly different as King George VI was Queen Mary’s son and Prince William is Queen Camilla’s stepson, it would follow a sweet pattern. The ability to alter the crown would make it more low-key for another coronation and it would also show her high status as the Dowager Queen Consort. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

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The late Queen Mother is also understood to have worn her personal coronation crown without its detachable arches as a diadem to Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Both Queen Mary and the Queen Mother also wore their coronation crowns for State Openings of Parliament during their husband’s reigns. 

So it seems likely Queen Camilla’s crown could be seen again going forwards, albeit in a different design form. If she follows the tradition established by her predecessors as Queen Consort and attends the coronation of the future King William one day, her crown might even get another special outing at a coronation. 

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