Why Prince Charles and Prince William are closer than ever thanks to Kate Middleton


Prince Charles and Prince William share a joke
Prince Charles and Prince William have grown closer in recent years
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Prince Charles and Prince William have grown closer in recent years, thanks to Kate Middleton and the trio's determination to protect the monarchy.

Prince Charles and Prince William haven't always had the easiest of relationships after William was "seriously affected" by his father's rocky relationship with his mother, the late Princess of Wales.

But, in recent years the father and son duo are said to be closer than ever. While the family drama surrounding both Meghan and Harry and Prince Andrew's departure could have put extra strain on their relationship, it seems the men are both in mutual agreement that they must protect the reputation of the monarchy at all costs.

Emily Andrews, Royal Editor of the Mail on Sunday, said, "Over the past two years, the two men have become much closer, their bond much stronger.

"Partly, this is natural as they get older and realize their shared values – a current Prince of Wales and his successor – in protecting the monarchy. But, also, it has been a necessity as the institution has suffered blows to its reputation."

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Kate Middleton has helped bring Prince William and Prince Charles close again 

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Kate Middleton is said to have played an integral part in re-connecting Prince Charles and Prince William - who are "much more aligned" and "at ease" these days.

According to Emily Andrews, Kate has worked tirelessly to help Prince Charles feel as involved as possible in their lives - including taking "country walks" with the future King at Sandringham.

"Last summer, Kate made sure that her family was back in time from their holiday to the Isles of Scilly to coincide with Charles's stay, so 'Grandpa' could give birthday presents to seven-year-old George," she revealed. 

And organising a photoshoot for Prince Charles 70th birthday, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - despite rumours of a feud between the brothers - was no mean feat for the Duchess.

She was also responsible for taking the one photograph that single-handedly dispelled rumours of any lasting tension between father and son. 

Of the sweet shot, which shows Prince William cuddled up to Prince Charles, Royal expert, Camilla Tominey, said, "The warmth which so obviously zings between father and son seems to signify a laying to rest of the ghosts of William's childhood and any soreness he has felt towards his father after witnessing the traumatic fallout out of his parents' separation as a 10-year-old boy.

"Now a father-of-three in his late thirties, with Charles willingly playing the role of doting grandfather, there is a sense that William has not only forgiven him for the mistakes of the past, but also woken up to the fact his father has been as much of a positive influence as Diana, the late Princess of Wales."

With it looking like the Queen has no plans to step down before her death, Prince Charles is realising his reign as King will be shorter than his sons. And the importance of working together has never been more important. 

An insider revealed, "He's giving William much more input. He realises that his own reign will be a shorter one than his son's, and therefore it is crucial that William is involved in all long-term planning.

"They have been spending more time together and are much more aligned. Both are more comfortable in their own skin – and with each other."

How lovely! 

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