Why King Charles' vision for the monarchy not being 'plausible' opens up a 'space' for this popular royal

One royal expert expects an under-the-radar royal will have a 'space' as a working royal

A popular youngster could join the working royals as King Charles' vision for the monarchy becomes more 'implausible'
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King Charles’ plan for a slimmed down monarchy is well reported on, but one royal expert has suggested the reality is dawning that this is simply not “plausible.” Citing the ages of the majority of the remaining working royals – including the King and Anne, Princess Royal – and the fact only four working royals are under the age of 70, many suspect Lady Louise Windsor could step up to fill a much-needed space on the royal roster.

Could we see the emergence of a new major player in the Royal Family in the coming years? According to one royal expert, it’s very likely.

Richard Fitzwilliams has spoken with GB News about the possibility of Lady Louise Windsor taking on a more prominent “space” within the working royals roster once she’s completed her studies at the University of St Andrews – the same spot where Prince William and Kate Middleton first met.

The royal expert explained his thinking behind the strong likelihood of Lady Louise – the eldest child of royal secret weapons Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward – taking on a stronger role.

Lady Louise Windsor could join the working royals, one expert has claimed

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He explained, "There are a large number of organisations and institutions which previously had a royal patron. What has been obvious and Princess Anne pointed it out a while ago, is that when King Charles came to the throne, there was all this talk about a slimmed-down monarchy."

"Firstly, the monarchy had already been slipped down with the Sussexes and Andrew no longer performing royal duties. Secondly, there are only four working royals under the age of 70. So with some of those, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent and so forth, there is a time limit to what these individuals can achieve."

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"When it comes to Princess Anne, she's done a tremendous amount and she undoubtedly will for the foreseeable. But the facts are simply that the Duke of Edinburgh had 992 patronages, the late Queen Elizabeth II had 600, and Charles had over 800 as the Prince of Wales."

"There isn't the possibility of taking all those up with the current set of working royals. That does leave a space for Lady Louise Windsor, possibly."

Duchess Sophie has taken on a more prominent role under King Charles

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It would make sense. His Majesty is already deeply reliant on the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh – trusting Sophie with a royal responsibility nobody else had.

As Prince William is thought to narrow his attentions on more specific causes – like the Earthshot Prize – who better to take on some of the duties than the "down to earth" Lady Louise?

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