The touching compliment Kate Middleton received from Prince Philip when she started dating Prince William

Kate Middleton was held in high regard by the Duke of Edinburgh

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton received a major compliment from Prince Philip when she first started dating Prince William, and was given strict advice, according to a new book.

  • Prince Philip was "relieved" when the now Princess of Wales started dating Prince William, the book claims.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh also gave the future Princess of Wales some stern advice when it came to royal duties.
  • In other royal news, Harry and Meghan met in the most relatable way.

Writing in his new book, Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, royal author and long-time friend Gyles Brandreth revealed the compliment Prince Philip gave Kate. He wrote, "When Catherine Middleton came along as a potential bride for his grandson, Prince William, the Duke of Edinburgh was, he told me, ‘relieved to find her such a level-headed girl.'"

Gyles also revealed the advice Prince Philip, who died in April last year, gave Kate. He said, "'If you believe the attention is for you personally', he warned her, 'you’re going to end up in trouble. The attention is for your role, what you do, what you’re supporting."

"'It isn’t for you as an individual. You are not a celebrity. You are representing the royal family. That’s all. Don’t look at the camera. The Queen never looks at the camera. Never. Look at who you’re talking to'."

Kate Middleton

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Gyles adds in his book that Prince Philip, who was married to Queen Elizabeth II for over 70 years, was "saddened" that his daughter-in-law Princess Diana - the former Princess of Wales - "allowed her popularity to go to her head."

Kate Middleton is often praised for being level-headed and relatable. Last week, she was celebrated for being like 'all of us' when she showed nerves ahead of presenting an award at the Earthshot Awards ceremony.

It's long been reported that the Princess of Wales shared a special bond with Prince Philip. In 2016, Kate appeared in a documentary celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in which she revealed that she too had taken part in the scheme.

Kate completed the DofE programme during her time at Marlborough College and was presented with the award at St James's Palace some 25 years ago – long before Prince Philip became her grandfather-in-law.

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Recalling the expedition, Kate said, "I can remember trying to cook bacon in the soaking wet. Everything was just sopping and I was trying and trying to cook bacon. I remember saying you know what, I think we're just going to have plain sandwiches. Bread, basic bread and butter!"

Kate and Prince Philip also reportedly shared a similar sense of humour and devotion to duty. Royal expert Ingrid Seward, who met Philip several times, has previously said, “It is known Prince Philip likes her.”

After his death, Prince William reflected on their relationship, saying, "I will always be grateful that my wife had so many years to get to know my grandfather and for the kindness he showed her."

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