'She's all of us' Kate Middleton praised for this totally relatable trait

The Princess of Wales was celebrated for being just like the rest of us

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton has once again been praised for being relatable during the Earthshot Awards at the weekend, as onlookers picked up on her 'nervous energy.'

During the ceremony, Kate took to the stage to present the award in the Clean Our Air category to Mukuru Stoves, a Kenyan company that creates safer, cleaner cookstoves.

Kate - who recently revealed a relatable Christmas outfit problem - clapped and watched in admiration as a video told the story of the company’s founder Charlot Magayi, who designed the product and established the company after her daughter suffered burns from a substandard stove.

But ahead of this touching moment, royal commentator Roberta Fiorito says that Kate appeared nervous and uncomfortable in her seat.

Kate Middleton

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Speaking on the latest episode of her podcast Royally Obsessed, she told her co-host, Rachel Bowie, "A lot of people were commenting on how straight Kate sat the entire time. And she was just so poised — shoulders back — but she was sitting halfway on the seat and so straight, she just looked so uncomfortable.”

Roberta added, “I was like, ‘is it the dress? Is it just because the spotlight is on her the entire time?’ And we noticed she was kind of fiddling with her emerald choker a little bit and we were like, ‘Is it tight? Like what's going on there?’ She was flipping her hair a lot. There was so much nervous energy until after she presented her award.” 

Rachel Bowie then added, “She’s all of us! The nerves,” to which Roberta responded, “Yeah, then it was like, relaxed Kate and she could totally just breathe.”

Kate Middleton

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It's no secret that the Princess of Wales finds public speaking tricky. After her first public speech in 2012, the then-Duchess of Cambridge reportedly told a guest, “I find doing speeches nerve-racking.” 

However, in recent years, Kate has become more and more accustomed to speaking in public and it's clear she's not as nervous as she was at the start of her royal career.

During the star-studded Earthshot awards ceremony, Prince William spoke out on the world’s environmental crisis. He said, "When I founded this prize in 2020, it was with the ambition to harness the same spirit of ingenuity that inspired President John F Kennedy to challenge the American people to put a person on the Moon within a decade."

He added, "So it has been an honour to share the stories of our Earthshot winners and finalists from the heart of his home town. I believe the Earthshot solutions you have seen this evening prove we can overcome our planet’s greatest challenge. By supporting and scaling them we can change our future."

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