The Queen worries fans with 'frail' appearance at latest in-person royal engagement

The Queen's appearance has sparked concern from royal fans with many commenting she looks 'frail'

Queen looks 'frail'
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Her Majesty's appearance has sparked concern at a recent royal event as fans think that the Queen looked rather 'frail' as she made an in-person appearance at Windsor Castle.

The Queen recently hosted the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tariq, and his wife Her Highness the Hon. Lady, Ahad bint Abdullah at her home in Windsor Castle.

In recent months, the Queen has attended many events virtually, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Her Majesty engaging with her guests in person.

However, the Queen's appearance at this event has sparked some concern from fans who worry that she is looking rather 'frail'.

“Our Queen is looking so fragile. God save the Queen,” said one concerned royal fan on social media. “The Queen looks very fragile,” agreed another.

“Bless her heart, she looks frail. X,” added another worried commenter.

Of course, at the Queen's age, looking frail isn't particularly shocking, particularly considering that earlier this year she became a widow when her husband of over 70 years died in April. Plus she had to deal with the struggles of being a Head of State during a pandemic over the past two years, which will have been no walk in the park.

But considering the Queen's remarkable resilience and healthy appearance over the past 95-years, this more fragile appearance has understandably concerned fans. 

Although the Queen was fabulously dressed at the royal event—with her signature pearl necklace, a gorgeous sapphire brooch, and her hair white hair perfectly in place—fans noticed that her pale blue shift dress seemed to be a little bit baggy on her.

One royal fan commented on the post that Her Majesty appeared to have also lost some weight since her last public appearance.

“Her Majesty, our #Queen has dropped a lot of weight recently. We love and support her. #longliveourQueen. @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal She is still working and welcoming important foreign figures,” said the royal supporter.

The Queen's weight loss has been a recent topic of discussion as she began to appear at royal engagements in person since taking time off to heal her sprained back and recover from her brief hospital visit a few months ago. 

However, the increase in Her Majesty's in-person appearances and the news that the Queen is still going ahead with her Christmas party can assure royal fans that although perhaps a little 'fragile', the Queen is back on her feet and on the mend.

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