The Queen and Prince Philip's heartwarming daily habit revealed

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The Queen and Prince Philip have a special daily habit they stick to in order to keep updated on each other's lives while they're apart.

What habit to the Queen and Prince Philip stick to daily?

Throughout their entire marriage, the Queen and Prince Philip have always called each other on the phone every single day, according to CheatSheet.

The Queen is busy with her royal engagements, while Prince Philip retired from royal duties back in 2017.

This means they are often forced to spend time apart, so speaking on the phone ensures they're kept updated on each other's daily lives.

But while they often spend time apart nowadays, the pandemic meant that they got to spend some quality time together.

The Duke travelled from Norfolk to Windsor Castle to join the Queen just before the national lockdown started in March.

They then went to Balmoral in August and later to Sandringham.

But when the Queen returned to Windsor Castle, Philip stayed at Wood Farm, his residence at the Sandringham estate.

And last week, the Queen undertook her first in person royal engagement outside of a royal residence in seven months.

This comes after body language Judi James revealed she thinks Prince Philip and the Queen are just as solid as they were when they first met.

Judi told,“Still posing with a sense of personal pride like the gallant and dashing prince, even in his nineties, Philip still retains his rather romantic-looking trait of watching and speaking to his wife in public as though he is still as charmed and even fascinated by her as he was when they were first engaged.

“He will turn his head and lower it to use eye contact as she speaks to him, while his grin still suggests he is keen to encourage her to enjoy even the most formal royal occasions.”


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