The Queen once 'told off' this Prime Minister for trying to do the washing up at Balmoral

The former Prime Minister has shared touching memories of the late Queen Elizabeth II

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Former Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed how he was once reprimanded by the late Queen Elizabeth after offering to wash the dishes at Balmoral.

In a sweet tribute to the late Queen posted by the Conservative Party on social media, various former prime ministers recalled their weekly meetings with Queen Elizabeth and yearly trips to Balmoral - where the Queen stayed every summer.

Revealing one story, David Cameron, who served as Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, explained how the Queen 'told him off' for offering to do the washing up.

Sharing his experiences of staying at Balmoral, he said, "It was an extraordinary treat to be able to go to Balmoral every year for six years, and one of the best parts was when in the evening you’d get into Her Majesty’s car, a Range Rover, and she would drive at breakneck speed up the hill and onto the moor.

“And there at a sort of converted bothy, an old cottage on the hill, would be the Duke of Edinburgh with a barbeque he’d built himself, barbequing grouse for your dinner.”


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And revealing how he once broke protocol by offering to wash up, David added, “I’m not making this up, you sat down and Prince Philip and Her Majesty the Queen served your dinner and cleared it away and washed it up while you sat talking with the other guests."

“I remember, I think it was sort of year five, I thought ‘Well, I now surely can help’ and got up and got on the Marigolds and started doing the washing-up. And I remember Her Majesty saying, ‘What on earth is the prime minister doing?’ I’d broken with the protocol and rapidly sat back down and did what I was told.”

Since her death on 8 September, many have sent their condolences to the Royal Family. Former Prime Minister Theresa May added, "Her Majesty was so good at putting everybody at their ease. She was incredibly well informed, had immense experience, knowledge and wisdom." 

“And it’s a moment in the week when you’re away from the hurly burly of politics, and you can actually sit down with somebody with experience and wisdom, knowledge and understanding and have that conversation about the issues of the day.”

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