The Queen 'can't stand' how Kate and William parent their children on holiday

The Queen was reportedly shocked to discover Kate and William breaking royal tradition at their holiday home

Kate and William's parenting habit that Queen 'can't stand'
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The Queen 'can't stand' this parenting habit favored by Kate Middleton and Prince William, according to a royal insider. 

She may be the Royal Matriarch, but when it comes to controlling the day-to-day running of Britain's first family, the Queen has far less say than you'd imagine. 

Her Majesty was reportedly stunned to discover how much time Prince William and Kate Middleton spend with their kids in their kitchen, having never viewed the room as a suitable environment for socializing. 

According to a 2018 report from Express UK, the Queen's great-grandchildren, George, Charlotte, and Louis, love to convene with their mum and dad in the culinary space at their holiday home of Anmer Hall in Norfolk. It's understood that the Cambridges use the lavish kitchen as their 'main base' —a habit the 95-year-old monarch "struggles to get her head around." 

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"For the Queen, she can't stand that, because she is used to having a set room for that sort of thing," the source explained. 

For Her Majesty, the kitchen—no matter how grandiose—is simply not an acceptable meeting point for the future King of Britain. 

"The kitchen she never goes down to when she’s at Balmoral, for instance," the source explained. "In her mind, that is where all the kitchen staff work."

These differences in household geography point to an intergenerational shift in the Royal Family, with its younger members opting to lead a slightly more casual lifestyle than its elders. Kate and William are known to be particularly hands-on parents, regularly dropping their kids off at school and playing with them on the weekends. 

They also prefer to keep family life as normal as possible for their three tots, limiting the amount of staff milling around their homes to cultivate a more relaxed atmosphere. 

"Of course, they have their help: the nanny and the housekeeper," the source added. "However, they don’t have the same level of staff as Prince Charles or the Queen." 

Sounds like pretty good parenting to us! 

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