The only people to leave tennis prodigy Emma Raducanu ‘starstruck’ were these two royals

Emma Raducanu was left ‘starstruck’ upon meeting Duchess Kate Middleton, and receiving a letter from the Queen

Emma Raducanu has shared that Kate Middleton is one of the few encounters to leave her feeling 'starstruck'
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US Open champion and teen tennis prodigy Emma Raducanu recalls only being left “starstruck” by two encounters – and they were both with members of the Royal Family. Emma met Duchess Kate in person, calling her “an inspiration to the whole country” while the tennis champ also revealed she was left with a “pinch-me” feeling after receiving a letter from Her Majesty the Queen.

For someone who has had such a meteoric rise to fame and success, one might think that tennis pro Emma Raducanu is familiar with the sense of being starstruck, meeting new celebrities and influential figures all the time.

However, despite rubbing shoulders with sporting titans like Serena Williams and Andy Murray, Emma has recently revealed that only two encounters left her feeling starstruck – and they were both members of the Royal Family.

Emma Raducanu took the world by storm when she won the US Open aged just 18

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Emma - who went from teen tennis prodigy to the world’s number ten ranked player - shared what it was like when she met with Duchess Catherine, a renowned lover of tennis.

The encounters came after the young Londoner surprised everyone by winning the US Open in 2021, aged just 18.

Upon flying home after her victory, the Bromley local appeared in a homecoming special alongside Joe Salisbury and Alfie Hewitt for their US Open title wins and had a round of tennis with the Duchess of Cambridge in the morning.

Describing her meeting with Kate, Emma reveals that she was left “starstruck.”

She said to the Evening Standard, “I’ve met some really cool people, but when I met the duchess I was definitely starstruck. I could stare at her all day. Just watch her talk, watch her do everything.”

Emma described Kate as an "inspiration"

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She later added that another royal encounter was equally spellbinding - receiving a letter from Her Majesty the Queen.

She added in the interview, “And also the Queen. I got a letter from her. That was a pretty starstruck moment.”

Emma has since shared her admiration for the duchess even further.

During an interview with People last year, she said, “I think the Duchess is such a great inspiration, just with how she handles everything and how she does so much good work for charities.

"She's a real inspiration to the whole country.”

Kate Middleton playing tennis with US Open winner, Emma Raducanu

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For what it’s worth, Duchess Kate – a lover of tennis and who wowed with her best Wimbledon looks this summer – has shared praise for Emma.

Ahead of one of Emma’s important matches, Kate tweeted, “What an incredible achievement at this year's #USOpen @EmmaRaducanu! We will all be rooting for you tomorrow. Wishing you the best of luck! C.”

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