The new generation of royals are all 'good friends' says Mike Tindall

The new generation of royals are reportedly all close friends and have a neat little 'group' according to Zara Tindall's husband Mike

new generation of royals
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The new generation of royals are great friends says Mike Tindall as he discusses his children's relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry's children.

  • Reportedly the Tindall children are great friends with their royal first cousins once removed including Prince William's three children.
  • Mike Tindall has discussed the new generation of royals and the close bonds they all share with one another.
  • In other royal news, Princess Anne makes a faux pas at a royal engagement.

In an unearthed interview from The Telegraph, Mike Tindall discussed his children's relationship with their royal relatives. 

In the interview, Mike was asked about the then-upcoming birth of Prince Harry and Meghan's firstborn son Archie. The royal revealed that he was told about the latest royal arrival via a WhatsApp group amongst the royal cousins including Zara Tindall and Prince Harry. 

“He’ll be a great dad,” Tindall said of his cousin in law Prince Harry. “Obviously, he’s godfather to Lena, but we’ve got a great group of young ones in the family now."

Mike revealed that his daughter and her second cousins have a little royal gang in the family. "Lena and obviously Louis are similar ages and Mia’s sort of in-between Charlotte and George, and then you’ve got Peter’s children Savannah and Isla who are just a little bit older."

“James (Viscount Severn, Prince Edward’s son) is, well not exactly the ring leader, but he’s the oldest. So, yeah, it’s going to be a good little group. And Harry, he’s busy, but he loves playing with them all and he’ll be a good dad.”

Mike and Zara Tindall's three children are the eldest of the Queen's 12 great-grandchildren children. Mia (age 7), Lena (age 3), and Lucas Tindall (8 months) are all relatively close in age with their cousins once removed.

Prince William's children Prince George (age 8), Princess Charlotte (age 6), and Prince Louis (age 3) are well aligned with Zara's children's ages and have been spotted having fun with their extended family.

Peter Phillip's children, Savannah (aged 10), Isla (aged 9) are a little older but are in the same age range as their father's nephew James, Viscount Severn who is the generation above the youngsters as one of the Queen's grandchildren rather than great-grandchildren, but is only 13 years old.

Prince Harry's children are also the perfect age to mingle with their cousins once removed, Archie is 2 years old and his little sister Lilibet is just 6 months old. Sadly as the family all gather together at Sandringham House to celebrate Christmas, Prince Harry and Meghan will choose to remain at home in California and avoid mingling with their extended family.

Royal experts claim that Prince Harry will ‘regret’ burning his bridges during the festive period and will ultimately regret his decision to stay in the US instead of return to the UK for the holidays.

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