The heartbreaking reason Kate Middleton replaced mum Carole as George's only babysitter

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly relied on Carole Middleton for childcare when they welcomed their first child, Prince George

Why Kate Middleton replaced Carole as George's babysitter
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Kate Middleton replaced Carole Middleton as her children's only babysitter after suffering from a heartbreaking dilemma faced by many busy parents. 

Kate Middleton scaled back Carole Middleton's duties as her children's only babysitter after realizing her kids needed a full-time nanny, according to a royal insider. 

It's understood that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn't originally want their children being raised by outsiders, having always aspired to be the "hands-on" type of parents who were fully involved in family life. 

The couple initially decided to split the responsibilities between them whilst leaning on Kate's mother, Carole, when they needed to leave London for royal engagements. The Party Pieces founder was reportedly the only person who babysat Prince George in his early years before a nanny was hired to ease some of the pressure. 

However, both William, and Kate soon found themselves unable to handle the pressure of being full-time working royals raising a newborn. 

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The Duchess, especially, struggled with the transition—so much so that she even confided in the Queen that she "had found being with George on her own, and not having a full-time nanny or a maternity nurse, very hard", according to royal expert, Katie Nicholl.

In 2014, eight months after their first child's birth, the couple hired Norland-trained nanny, Teresa Maria Turrion Borallo, to take on some of the workload. The Spanish native has remained with the Cambridge family to this day and is reportedly their only provider of professional childcare. 

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Ever since Teresa joined the Kensington Palace household, Carole's babysitting services have no longer been as needed. The 67-year-old still lends a hand on occasion, though, even stepping in as co-caregiver during her daughter's week-long royal tour of India and Bhutan with Prince William in 2016. 

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"Despite being the Duchess of Cambridge and being able to afford around-the-clock nannies and so on, she had her mum looking after Prince George and Princess Charlotte, which struck me as just really normal," Nicholl told Closer magazine. 

"One of the things that allows William and Kate to be so ordinary is the presence of the Middletons in their lives.

"Carole is a regular through those golden gates at Kensington Palace, she whizzes through in her Land Rover. There is no security because everybody knows her." 

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