The daily sweet treat the Queen loves to indulge in and Prince William is a fan too!

We don't blame them...

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We already know that the Queen has a sweet tooth, now her favourite cake, which she is said to eat every day, has been revealed.

The Queen, who is currently 'resting' more due to mobility issues at Balmoral, is said to request this cake every day, while grandson Prince William, is also a fan. 

Former royal chef Darren McGrady has revealed that her favorite biscuit-based cake is a chocolate biscuit cake, made with just five ingredients -  chocolate, butter, sugar, cream, and Rich Tea biscuits. 

Queen cake

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Darren, who has the recipe for the very royal cake on his website, revealed to Hello magazine, "The royal chefs send a whole cake up to Her Majesty every day for tea. She will sometimes take a slice and then it is never seen at the royal table again."

While the chef went on to say that, even though other cakes are requested on different days, this cake is the only one that is requested every day. And if the cake hasn't been finished it will follow her wherever she goes. 

"I remember as a young chef travelling from Paddington to Windsor one Friday morning with a half-eaten chocolate biscuit cake packed neatly and tightly in a biscuit tin, and wrapped in Clingfilm, perched on my knee with the fear of God in me that I would lose or drop the thing!" recalls Darren, "It was her favourite."

While Prince William, who deliberately broke this royal rule, is a big fan of the cake too, "When Prince William first tried it, he loved it and then requested it as his groom's cake at the Royal wedding in 2011," the former royal chef said.

Similar to a tiffin cake, the special ingredient for the Queen's Chocolate biscuit cake is said to be Rich Tea biscuits, which give the cake a crunch.

The Queen, who fans fear will not return to Buckingham Palace as removal van deliver her special bed to Balmoral, is no doubt enjoying the cake every day during her summer holiday on the Scottish estate. 

While, due to her ongoing mobility issues, the Queen will also appoint the incoming Prime Minister at Balmoral Castle for the first time in her 70-year-long reign on September 6.

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