The Crown's 'turbulent' ending to send series into a whole new direction, say TV insiders, as series arc goes where producers said it wouldn't

The Crown's 'turbulent' ending will open the storyline up to all the real-time drama it was initially believed they'd steer clear of

The Crown (TV series), season 4: Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II
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According to TV insiders, The Crown's 'turbulent' ending will end one difficult chapter and leave the door wide open to another. Finishing up on Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's wedding - it appears the next season will address recent fractures in The Firm.

The Crown's 'turbulent' ending appears to ignore reports that Prince Harry plans to 'insist' The Crown does not cover 'Megxit' storyline. This news comes after the show's creator, Peter Morgan, previously asserted that The Crown Season 5 will be followed by a sixth and final season - which would likely see script writers explore the adult lives of the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex. 

Per reports from The Sun, a TV insider claims that the sixth and final season will in fact have an ending that's rife for a sequel focussing on Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana in Season 4 of The Crown

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An insider told the publication, “it’s a small but significant shift because it’s seen as marking the start of an era which becomes more focussed on Princes William and Harry and their father."

Explaining further, they added, "the marriage of Charles and Camilla is treated like the end of one turbulent period in the Windsors’ story, and the start of a whole new one.”

After news that The Crown's jewels were stolen in a 'heartbreaking' robbery, it seemed that the drama behind the scenes is almost as chaotic as the series' plotlines.

The show's new direction, alongside rumblings alleging there that The Crown prequel is in the works, is likely to be the cause of concern to the Royal Family, whose ongoing turmoil seems endless.

Seemingly, the storyline was initially going to reach its end in 2002 - after the death of the Queen's beloved sister, Princess Margaret. Despite Princess Margaret’s brutal reaction to finding out Elizabeth would be Queen, the pair had an iron-clad relationship. 

Princess Margaret

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In fact, Princess Margaret’s heartwarming gesture proved her sisterly bond with the Queen was unbreakable. It even survived one of their most fractious times, when Her Majesty's only sibling's eight-year-long affair with Sir Roddy Llewellyn.

In a kind nod to her late sister, the Queen allowed Princess Margaret's lover to visit her tomb in February 2022, in a reportedly secret trip to Windsor Castle.

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