The Crown's jewels stolen in 'heartbreaking' robbery after thieves take £150,000 worth of props

Thieves broke into lorries on the production site of the popular Netflix show

The Crown's jewels stolen in 'heartbreaking' robbery after thieves take £150,000 worth of props
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Crown has suffered a 'heartbreaking' blow after thieves stole over £150,000 worth of props from its set last week.  

The Crown's jewels have been stolen in a 'devastating' overnight raid, police have confirmed. 

The popular Netflix show was struck by misfortune on February 16, when robbers seized 200 gems and antiques from its production site at Doncaster. 

According to the South Yorkshire Police, the thieves broke into three lorries storing the valuable items which were being used for the filming of The Crown Season Five

The 200 stolen items included a pricey replica of a Russian Fabergé Egg bought by the Queen's grandfather, candelabras, jewelry, a grandfather clock, and silverware. Police are currently investigating the incident and have asked antique dealers to be vigilant for the missing pieces. 

The raid has come as a massive blow to The Crown's team, who has been hard at work shooting the fifth season of the drama since July 2021. 

Princess Margaret in The Crown played by Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in The Crown

(Image credit: Netflix)

"Producers have an incredible eye for detail and every item was meticulously chosen," a source told the Sun. "To lose the lot is just heart-breaking." 

Fortunately, the incident will not delay the production of the high-budget show. Netflix has confirmed that the props will be replaced and filming will continue as planned. 

The Crown began shooting the final scenes for its highly-anticipated upcoming season in Yorkshire on February 15, setting up locations in both Rotherham and Bradford. It's understood that Imelda Staunton, who will take over from Olivia Colman to play the Queen in Season Five, was preparing to film before the robbery took place. 

The series, which will also feature Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, is expected to return to Netflix in November 2022. The next season will focus on the Queen's reign during the early to mid-1990s—a chapter that was notoriously tainted by scandal and heartbreak for the Royal Family. 

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