The Crown producers are reportedly struggling to find an actor to play Prince Andrew in the upcoming season

Series 5 of The Crown will see all roles recast as part of a time jump

Prince Andrew will be depicted in the next season
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We can't wait until The Crown returns for season five, but with a new cast on the horizon, there's one role that producers are struggling to fill.

Rumor has it that The Crown producers are struggling to find an actor to play Prince Andrew for season five. 

The upcoming series will see Elizabeth Debicki playing Princess Diana and Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth.  But there's a question mark over who will get the role of Prince Andrew in the upcoming season. In the previous season, a twenty-something Andrew was played by newcomer Tom Byrne, but the next season will see a significant jump in time that requires a new actor. 

Producers are exploring agencies that take on young actors such as Spotlight, to try and find the right person for the role for season five, according to The Sun.

"Prince Andrew is one of the most unpopular members of the royal family and wannabe stars aren’t exactly queuing up to play him," a source told The Sun. 

 "It’s not the sexiest role and is unlikely to set a Hollywood career alight. However, it might work for a real scene-stealer character artist.’"

A spokesperson for The Crown has dismissed the rumors. The Sun reports that the spokesperson said. "There is absolutely no struggle to cast any role for season 5 of The Crown and it is normal practice for productions to advertise in Spotlight.”

Prince Andrew has made no comment on the matter, unlike his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, who has been very vocal about who she would like to play her in the hit Netflix show.

It has been reported that the Duchess of York is keen for Hollywood star Julianne Moore to play her later life.

A source told The Sun in 2019, “Sarah has really enjoyed the series — even if it hasn’t gone down well with all members of the royal family.

“She’s told several people close to her she really loves the idea of Eleanor after watching Poldark. In later life, she’s keen on Julianne Moore.

“These days something as big as The Crown actually matters — for a whole new generation that’s how they will know who the Duchess actually is.”

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