The boozy royal dessert King Charles and Queen Camilla enjoyed last night

There is a boozy royal dessert called cranachan that the King and Queen enjoyed last night in celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns

There is a boozy royal dessert that the King and Queen Consort enjoyed last night in celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns
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King Charles and Queen consort Camilla both enjoyed a boozy royal dessert called cranachan last night in celebration of Burns Night.

The Royal Family's social media revealed that the King and Queen enjoyed a delicious traditional Scottish dessert called cranachan last night in celebration of Burns Night. 

The pudding features an oat crumble, raspberries, raspberry sauce, and a thick whiskey cream. The recipe from the royal website recommends that 75ml of whiskey is mixed with cream and used in the recipe - meaning that it's quite a rich and alcoholic dish!


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Cranachan is traditionally made in the summer to celebrate the raspberry harvest in June and has even been labeled as 'the uncontested King of Scottish desserts' in the past. The dish is now served all year round as raspberries can now be sourced at any time of the year. As a classic Scottish dessert, it is the perfect dish for those celebrating Burns Night to enjoy. 

It has previously been reported that King Charles is a fan of whiskey. "Prince Charles is not a snob about how he drinks whisky," Whiskey Magazine claimed. "He will add a splash of water occasionally but generally prefers it neat." The magazine also recalled an anecdote about the King knocking back a triple shot of whiskey and ice while on tour in Australia in the early 90s. 

"While on a tour of Australia in 1994 He took a break from an exhausting walkabout in Strahan, Tasmania, to share a dram with the landlord of a local hotel. 'Waddya gonna have, mate?' hollered Alan Hooper of the Hammer’s Hotel at his royal guest. 'I’d like a Scotch if you have it - in particular a Glenfiddich,' the Prince replied, somewhat amused. Hooper poured Charles a triple shot then added ice. The Prince did not even wince as He drank it down," claimed the magazine.

King Charles

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Camilla has also been known to enjoy a drink or two and it has even been claimed that the royal couple travels with booze on their person. 

"Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall sometimes take their own alcohol so there’s no danger of their drinks being spiked," Telegraph reporter Gordon Rayner told Conde Nast Traveler. "Their police bodyguard will discreetly carry a bag of their drinks," he added.


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An Instagram post on the Royal Family's story showed the cranachan recipe used to make the King and Queen's booze-filled dessert that's perfect for whiskey lovers. But how can you make this delicious treat? The royal website (opens in new tab) has revealed the full recipe so that you too can dine like royalty. 

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