Sarah Ferguson once revealed to Oprah that being part of the Royal Family was ‘no fairytale’

Meghan Markle isn’t the first royal to sit down with Oprah...

Sarah Ferguson
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An interview which Sarah Ferguson recorded with Oprah in 1996 is resurfacing as Harry and Meghan's eagerly awaited CBS interview is set to air on Sunday.

• The Duchess of York told Oprah in the interview that she wanted to marry the man, not the royal family

• Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew in 1986 and divorced him 10 years later

• In other Royal News, Princess Anne reveals why she skipped university

Harry and Meghan are not the first to open up about the royal family in a tell-all with Oprah. The Duchess of York was interviewed by the chat show host back in 1996 too.

Sarah was interviewed by Oprah when she had just split from Prince Andrew. Talking about how she felt after her wedding she told the host, “Then comes the realism that you actually didn’t marry the fairytale, you married a man."

She went on to add, “You fell in love and you married a man and then you’ve got to come to terms with the fairytale. Now it’s not a fairytale. It’s real life in there, well so to speak.”

While the Duchess went on to say that members of the royal family, “think it’s real life in there.”

The Duchess, who is now a children's author, also went on to talk about Princess Diana’s treatment in the royal family.

Sarah said, “I think she was just very good at what she did. She was the perfect princess. She is the perfect princess and I think that she just glides really.”

In the previews for Sunday night’s interview with Oprah, Harry referenced his mother when talking about why he and Meghan moved to the US, saying, “My biggest concern was history repeating itself."

Sarah Ferguson recently played the doting grandmother when she shared pictures of Eugenie and her new son, via her Instagram page. 

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