Forecast predicts rain for the Royal Wedding

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  • With just two weeks to go until the Royal Wedding, it's safe to say that excitement for the big day is reaching fever-pitch.

    Final preparations for Harry and Meghan’s wedding day are being made left, right and centre – including final fittings on the bride’s dress, meetings between the two families, and last-minute preparations for the food, service, and music on the day.

    Stringent security measures have been put in place to protect the couple and the public on the big day, and the couple are ensuring strict secrecy around many aspects of their wedding.

    But of course, there’s one aspect of the 19th May celebrations that neither Prince Harry nor Meghan will be able to control – the weather.

    And unfortunately for the couple, it looks as though the forecast for the day looks ominous.

    Speaking to OK!, meterologist at the Met Office, Charlie Powell, revealed the forecast for the big day. And he confessed that the couple can expect both sun – and unfortunately, rain – on their wedding day.

    He said, “We’ve got this idea that there could be some warmer spells, most likely across the south and east of England, so at least that bodes well for wedding locations and things like that.

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    “It is a bit far off to give a definite picture. But the trend for that period is mixed, so there are likely to be dry and sunny spells but also spells of rain.”

    However, it seems that Harry and Meghan have duly prepared for any bad weather on their big day in Windsor, should it occur.

    Kensington Palace recently confirmed that the royal pair would be undertaking their 1pm procession around the town in the Ascot Landau carriage, driven by two Windsor grey horses.

    And luckily, the carriage is well-equipped should there be a downpour, with a handy pull-over cover over the top. But if the sun does shine, Meghan and Harry can enjoy waving to the crowds uninterrupted by the screen.

    It’s also thought that the wedding party will be walking from St George’s Chapel to the reception at St. George’s Hall – which couple prove tricky in bad weather. However, it’s just a short stroll across the castle, so should the rain fall, some umbrellas should luckily suffice.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays nice for the happy couple!

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