Queen's iconic gesture to comedian as he makes awkward joke at Platinum Jubilee event described as 'perfect response'

The Queen's iconic gesture was decidedly unroyal and sent viewers into hysterics as she didn't shy away from reacting to inappropriate joke

The Queen looks healthy and happy as she gets back to work
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The Queen's iconic arm gesture sent fans into overdrive, as she responded to comedian Omid Djalili's close to the knuckle joke about her missing the opening of Parliament.

Fans may be concerned by the news that a royal fashion designer moved in with the Queen at Windsor Castle, following recent mobility issues, but her recent hilarious reaction shows there's life in the old girl yet!

Omid Djalili, who was performing at the event, was cheeky enough to refer to the Queen skipping the State Opening of Parliament at the House of Lords in London. 

“Thank you for choosing us over the State Opening of Parliament,” he quipped. “You did the right thing and I won £5 in a bet with my local kebab shop owner in Ipswich.”

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In response to this jibe, Her Majesty simply lifted her arm in a pretty clear message that she found it just as funny as the viewers - while keeping a straight face.

One Twitter user said, "Best moment of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration concert! When Omid Djalili said “thank you for choosing us over the State Opening of Parliament your Majesty”; the Queen smiled & waived! Priceless!"

Although some fans suggested it was a bit disrespectful, others felt like it's just the kind of cheeky humor Her Majesty enjoys. As one fan put it, "Legendary sense of humour for sure! She gets it, no point getting in a huff!"

Fans also couldn't cope with her response when host Alan Titchmarsh said, “For over 70 years, there has been a constant heartbeat in this nation. And that heartbeat belongs to The Queen.” After which she simply shrugged.

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Save for viewers pointing out that royal favorite Lady Louise leading an emotional tribute to Prince Philip at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee event, this moment was certainly a highlight.

The monarch's ability to not take life too seriously has been evidenced countless times throughout her reign. From the Queen's surprising party trick to The Queen revealing her royal sense of humor in a hilarious G7 quip - it's clear she's up for a laugh.

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