The special person staying with the Queen during lockdown


The Queen is currently self-isolating with a small number of people at Windsor Castle, but there’s one very special person who's part of her entourage.

Following confirmation from Buckingham Palace that the Queen would be travelling to Windsor and staying there for the foreseeable future, it’s now being reported the monarch is being looked after by a very small number of people.

To make sure Her Majesty is safe and to minimise risk, not even close family – like her son Edward who lives closy by, at Bagshot Park – can come see her.

"Obviously, the fewer people are in contact with each other, the better," an insider told Mail Online.

"No chances can be taken with the Queen’s safety in view of her and the Duke’s ages. But it’s also for the benefit of everyone who works at the Castle. Every firm has been told to send as many of their staff home as possible, and the Royal Family is no different."

Her very small circle of people include a housemaid, a chef, a footman, as well as Angela Kelly, the Queen’s Personal Assistant and Senior Dresser, and Paul Whybrew.

Known as Big Paul because he used to tower over ‘Little Paul’ Burrell - his former colleague - the Page of the Backstairs is responsible for saving the Queen from an intruder back in July 1982, when Michael Fagan managed to make his way to the monarch’s bedroom.

He also appeared alongside the Queen in her famous 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony James Bond film.

A former royal servant also told the publication, "The Queen adores Paul. He is the perfect calming presence to have around in such circumstances.

"The Queen couldn’t do without Paul and Angela, and they are with her all the time.

"They and the Duke’s valet, Dave Berwick, will be the only people coming into contact with them."

It's thought the Queen is planning to address the nation soon, to reassure people during the coronavirus crisis.

Mariana Cerqueira

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