The Queen has a new lease of life during lockdown thanks to THIS fellow royal

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The Queen has cut back her workload since the coronavirus pandemic - but she has a new lease of life nonetheless.

Why does the Queen have a new lease of life?

Her Majesty has been spending lockdown at Windsor Castle with the Duke of Edinburgh, which has brought the royal couple closer together.

Speaking to The Sun, a royal source said, "Everyone who has seen her recently says the Queen appears to have a new lease of life because she loved the chance to spend quality time with Philip again.

"Obviously she has been gravely worried about the nation during the pandemic but those around her have seen how amazing they have been together.

“Because of self-isolation and with only a small team of loyal staff, dubbed ‘HMS Bubble’, this is the first time the Queen has been able to spend quality time with her husband for years."

Both of them have reportedly remembered what a "good team" they are together during the country's lockdown.

The source added, “They haven’t really had a period of time together like this in many years.

“They have remembered what a good team they are and privately decided they should not be separated ever again.

“They are causing a headache because they don’t want to live apart any more.”

Philip and Elizabeth married in November 1947 at Westminster Abbey in London.

The duke later gave up his Navy career when she was crowned in 1953.

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