The Queen's secret royal lessons for Duchess Catherine revealed

The Queen gave Duchess Catherine secret lessons on how to be a royal wife, according to unearthed reports.

Duchess Catherine and Prince William are the future King and Queen consort.

So it's no surprise that the couple appear to be taking on an increasingly more serious role within the Royal Family.

Not coming from a royal background, Duchess Catherine had to learn many things before marrying Prince William at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

The Queen prepared the duchess for what was to come, and even hosted a private meeting for her.

Details of the meeting came to light on Amazon Prime’s ‘Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor’ documentary back in 2017.

The narrator says in the documentary, 'Kate met with Queen Elizabeth II shortly before the wedding.

'It was confirmed that her title would be Catherine: Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge.'

But the duchess also had to learn the basics of being a royal wife.

What did the Queen teach Duchess Catherine?

Journalist Ashley Pearson revealed, 'From the beginning, Kate Middleton had a great deal of support from the Royal Family which was really instructed by the Queen.

'This was to make sure she knew as much as she could possibly know and what to do in every situation – bearing in mind, of course, that she didn’t grow up in this world.

'There were things like learning how to get out of a carriage without exposing your modesty and learning how to bend down to get flowers from a young girl without exposing your modesty.

'Things that you would never think you’d have to learn but, of course, a woman in her position would certainly need to know.

'There were all kinds of small details and little bits of etiquette – how to sit, who to curtsy to, who not to curtsy to, what fork to use and whatever else they felt she needed to know.

'She was actually given lessons on how to be a royal wife.'

And you're doing a wonderful job, Duchess Catherine!

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