Queen Camilla and King Charles' Christmas decor reveals what's most important to the couple this festive season

Glimpses of Queen Camilla and King Charles' Christmas decor highlight what is most important to the monarch and Queen consort this season

Glimpses of Queen Camilla and King Charles' Christmas decor highlight what is most important to the monarch and Queen consort this season
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Queen Camilla and King Charles hosted a festive tree decorating engagement at Clarence House in London earlier this month.

Queen Camilla has an annual tradition that sees her invite children from different charities to come together at Clarence House. The children were entertained by the Band of the Welsh Guards, an appearance from Father Christmas and his reindeer, and decorating the Christmas tree. The children were also given a hearty lunch of sausages and mashed potatoes.

A table of decorations appeared in a video posted by the Royal Family Instagram. The colorful decorations were all in different styles and gave the children a variety of options when it came to putting the festive look together. 

Queen Camilla

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Camilla opted for uncolored Christmas lights on the tree. Some families prefer multicolored festive lights that blink and sparkle. The more traditional and classic choice of lights showed the importance of tradition for the royal couple.

On the tree, there were a number of sweet decorations. Some interior designers have speculated what Christmas tree decorations reveal about your personality. Based on this assessment there are some suggestions that can be drawn from the royal couple's decor.

Candy canes on a Christmas tree reportedly indicate that the couple enjoys making others happy. "Candy canes are a classic Christmas decoration, and they’re also representative of the holiday spirit in general. If you have them on your tree, then it means that not only do you enjoy the holidays, but you take joy in making others happy as well."

The couple also used bright ornaments in a variety of different colors. People who love mismatched and colorful ornaments love to make everything their own, say the experts. "They don't care about following trends or doing things just like everyone else — they want to express themselves through their decorating choices and make sure everything looks exactly the way they want it to."

This seems to be true for the royal couple as they prioritized the children's entertainment above the look of their final tree.

Queen Camilla

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The couple also opted for earthy and natural ornaments and displayed toadstool mushrooms on their tree as well as bird decorations. 

While the royal couple didn't promote the religious aspect of the holiday that much with their decor, this was clearly an important feature for the King, who is now the head of the Church of England. A small selection of angels and stars featured on the tree showed the couple's respect for the religious aspect of the holiday, but their respect for how others celebrate a holiday that has become open to all and not just solely for Christians.  

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