Princess Margaret's romances rumored to have included world famous rock star and legendary artist

Princess Margaret's romances were well publicized but some of the dalliances that the history books have forgotten are the most scandalous!

Princess Margaret visiting Mons Officers Cadets School at Aldershot on 11th April 1968.
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Princess Margaret's romances were often headline news, with her affairs widely reported throughout her life and after her death too. Although some of her affairs are remembered in the history books - there's a few truly shocking rumored dalliances. Think outrageous age gaps, a penchant for rock and roll, and a particularly persistent painter with the initials P.P.

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

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Princess Margaret's extravagant lifestyle was legendary. She spent, ate, drank, and partied like no other and was quite the opposite of her well behaved sister, the Queen. She also kept company with celebrity royalty - which couldn't have been further apart from her stiff upper lip, blue-blooded upbringing.

It appears that the anti-establishment, rebellious rock star Mick Jagger was one of her friends and one of his biographers Christopher Andersen claims that they may even have had a bit of a romance. In Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger, Lady Elsa Bowker is quoted as saying, "There was a flirtation going on there, definitely. Princess Margaret was only in her 30s and quite attractive. And as everybody knows, she was attracted to younger men."

Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, chats 08 December 1976 in a restaurant in Pointe-du-Bout, French West Indies, with Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger. Princess Margaret and her husband Earl of Snowdon, had two children, son Linley and daughter Sarah, but announced their separation in March 1976. When the marriage was officially ended two years later, Margaret became the first royal to divorce since Henry VIII in the 16th century.

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A courtier also told the author of the regular phone calls between the two, which developed into socializing and, it appears, a romantic dalliance. "She found him sexy and exciting," they said. "If you saw them laughing together, dancing, the way she’d put her hand on his knee and giggle at his stories like a schoolgirl, you’d have thought there was something going on."

Though the Princess was known for her affection towards younger men, men of all ages and statures held a torch for the royal. According to multiple accounts, the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso was desperate to marry her. 

Speaking in the Guardian Craig Brown, author of Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, said that having moved into his enormous villa, La Californie in 1955 - Picasso set his sights on marrying his ideal woman, Princess Margaret. His obsession with the royal, he told his friend Roland Penrose, began with an erotic dream so lurid that had it became known, "they would take me to the Tower of London and chop off my head!”

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso at his home in Cannes, circa 1960.

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The famous lothario's obsession didn't wain for some time and included his ideas for an utterly bonkers proposal - that he intended to draw up on parchment to be presented to the Queen on a red velvet cushion. John Richardson, who'd become Picasso’s future biographer, was to stand by the presentation dressed as a page or a herald, even holding a trumpet. Picasso had even planned, if needs be, to make the correct outfits should they be unable to purchase the correct attire.

Unfortunately for the artist, Princess Margaret wasn't at all keen. Picasso's biographer revealed that many years later, he told her of the painter's quest to marry her. “Like her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, she was not amused," he said, "she was outraged. She said she thought it the most disgusting thing she had ever heard.”

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