Princess Charlene's hoop earrings perfectly complement her pixie cut as she wraps up in chic wintery coat

Princess Charlene of Monaco just proved that hoop earrings and a pixie cut are the cutest combination

Princess Charlene hoops earrings pixie cut
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Recently, Princess Charlene of Monaco wore a really incredible ensemble of a herringbone coat with some simple gold hoop earrings, which perfectly complemented her sophisticated pixie cut.

The Rugby World Cup final game had everyone on the edge of their seats on Saturday, including Princess Charlene of Monaco - who no doubt was super proud of her African heritage as she celebrated the Springboks' triumphant win against New Zealand. She glowed from pride for her home team - and from the incredible outfit she was wearing for the nail-biting match in Paris. 

For the event, she wore a truly stunning ensemble of a structured, oversized herringbone coat, which featured some chic black buttons on the sleeves and on the lapels of the coat.

princess charlene

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Underneath of the super chic coat, she wore a stunning black turtleneck top and some sleek black cigarette trousers, which stuck a perfect balance between casual and sophisticated for the big game. 

Aside from her fashionable winter coat, she also styled her pixie cut perfectly, which she just recently dyed a lighter colour. Before, she was rocking a darker, ashy brunette, but now the Princess is wearing a lighter, blonder shade. Either way, she looks gorgeous - but we're totally digging the blonde pixie on her. 

She perfectly complemented the pixie cut by pairing it with some simple gold hoop earrings, which were the perfect addition of elegance to her already very chic outfit. 

princess charlene

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Prince Albert of Monaco also looked rather dapper, wearing a navy blue suit and red tie for the match - and he wasn't shy about sharing affection with the Princess in regards to their excitement about the Springboks' taking the lead. 

Earlier this year, the royal mysteriously deactivated her Instagram account, causing royal fans to gossip about the ins and outs of Princess Charlene's private life - especially her marriage. She addressed any incoming rumours head on to the South African news outlet, News24. 

"I find the rumours [about my marriage] tiring and exhausting," she told the outlet. "There's nothing wrong with our marriage."

She confirmed that she deactivated her Instagram account in an effort to protect the privacy of her children as they began school back in September. 

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