Princess Anne was the 'original royal rebel' when it comes to fashion and 'doesn't give two hoots' what people think of her

Princess Anne has always been a frontrunner when it comes to unique royal fashion

Princess Anne royal rebel
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Princess Anne's looks over the years have been quite the point of conversation - and she doesn't give "two hoots" what you think of her style, according to a royal fashion expert.

Princess Anne is known to have quite the untraditional sense of style, especially when compared to the other royals. While the late Queen Elizabeth was quite conservative in her styles, keeping everything from her silhouettes to patterns quite simple, Princess Anne was never one to shy away from the unique - wearing things like Adidas sunglasses, shimmery rainbow tops, and embroidered coats

According to image consultant and personal stylist Melissa Lund, who spoke exclusively to, the Princess has been nothing short of legendary when it comes to fashion, and laid how she became so confident in her wardrobe - highlighting her most unique fashion prospects specifically. 

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"I think Princess Anne is fabulous, because I don’t think she gives two hoots about what anyone thinks of her lifestyle or fashion choices!" Melissa said. She even went as far as to give Princess Anne a rather hefty title: the original "royal rebel."

"Princess Anne has certainly sported some controversial looks over the years. In fact, I think of her as the original royal rebel," she said. 

Princess Anne royal rebel

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For example, Melissa stated that Princess Anne was one of the first royal women to start wearing pantsuits - a fashion choice that even Princess Catherine opts for quite often nowadays, sporting specifics like this bubblegum pink pantsuit

"Anne started wearing trouser suits in public in the late 60s/early 70s and she wore short skirts," Melissa pointed out. 

Princess Anne

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She shed some light on why Princess Anne's trousers and pantsuits were so controversial at the time. "None of this seems at all out of the ordinary or remotely edgy to us today but at the time, there were places where women were not allowed to wear trousers– hard to believe, but true," she said. 

Most notably, Princess Anne was often wearing things that Queen Elizabeth rather disliked. "We also have to consider Anne’s choices against the backdrop of what the late Queen Elizabeth II liked (or rather didn’t like)," she said. 

The Queen had quite the conservative mindset when it came to fashion, according to Melissa, which was why Princess Anne appeared so rebellious in contrast. "The Queen famously didn’t like women in trousers or short skirts (she didn’t like knees, apparently). Wedges, bare legs and nail polish were also vetoed," Melissa said.

Additionally, Princess Anne was one of the most sustainable royals back in her day, and still commits to re-wearing clothes, just as Kate does in present day. "Princess Anne is known to recycle her clothes but unlike the Princess of Wales, she doesn’t seem to alter them at all," Melissa noted.

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