Prince William's cheeky quip about the Queen's age in 'King worthy' speech at Platinum Jubilee concert

Both Prince William and Prince Charles took to the stage at the BBC Party at the Palace Platinum Jubilee celebrations - much to the delight of royal fans

Prince William gives a speech on the Queen during the BBC Party at the Palace
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Prince William made a heartwarming speech at the BBC Party at the Palace to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee last night, with a cheeky joke about the Her Majesty's age. 

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is known for having a strong bond with the Queen, so we're sure she would have taken his jovial jibe about her age in good humor. 

The Duke took to the stage at last night's BBC Party at the Palace to give a speech on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for the Queen's 70-year-reign and paid tribute to both his father and his grandparents. 

He began by noting how "proud" he was of his father and late grandfather Prince Charles, talking about their achievements around sustainability and ongoing conservation projects, he then focused on the Queen - starting with a humorous quip.

"I’m so proud that my grandfather and my father have been part of those efforts. And I’m in awe of people like the great Sir David Attenborough, who look at the beauty and power of our Earth and then work to celebrate and preserve it," he said. "I think of Rachel Carson from America, Wangari Maathai from Kenya, Sunita Narain from India and so many others."

He told the crowd, "While no one's grandmother thanks them for talking about their age, my own grandmother has been alive for nearly a century."

"In that time, mankind has benefited from unimaginable technological developments and scientific breakthroughs. And although those breakthroughs have increased our awareness of the impact humans have on our world, our planet has become more fragile.

"Today, in 2022 - as The Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee - the pressing need to protect and restore our planet has never been more urgent."

Prince William also drew a heartwarming comparison between himself and his grandmother. "But like her, I am an optimist," he continued. "Tonight has been full of such optimism and joy - and there is hope. Together, if we harness the very best of humankind, and restore our planet, we will protect it for our children, for our grandchildren and for future generations to come."

Prince William's family were pictured watching him deliver the heartfelt speech, waving flags enthusiastically, with Duchess Catherine dressed in a stylish ivory ensemble and the children wearing the colors of the Union Jack.

Royal fans were quick to congratulate Prince William on his "king-worthy" speech, with one writing on Twitter. "The speech Prince William has just delivered is King worthy, honestly such a heartfelt message to us all The absolute roars of cheers just show how much he is loved Our future king."

TV presenter Dan Walker also praised Prince William's "class" speech, tweeting, "What a brilliant concert and a great celebration for the #PlatinumJubilee. Some top performances, a class speech from Prince William and we’ll even forgive Rod Stewart for Sweet Caroline But… show stolen by the lighting team."

While the Queen didn't attend the event, the extended Royal Family were there to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, with the Queen's grandchildren, the Queen's great-grandchildren coming together to celebrate Her Majesty.

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