Prince Philip was BANNED from the most popular department store in the world – but the Queen would still sneak out to shop there

The most popular department store has been named – and it’s one which sensationally banned the Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip was banned from the most popular department store, but the Queen kept shopping there
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New research has named the most popular department store in the world, and it’s one synonymous with luxury. Data has crowned Harrods in London as the most in demand department store, easily beating the likes of Macy’s and Bloomingdales in New York City. While the decadent department store reigns supreme, there’s a sensational history with the Royal Family after Prince Philip was shockingly banned from shopping there… But that didn’t stop the Queen sneaking out to shop for her grandchildren.

Harrods is known across the globe. Founded 173 years ago in 1849 in London’s affluent area of Knightsbridge, Harrods is a one-stop shop for “all things for all people, everywhere”, as goes their motto.

With 330 fashion and beauty brands covering over one million square footage of retail space, FindMyCasino have looked into the data behind just how popular it really is.

They found that it’s easily the most searched store, pulling in 134,000 Google searches. People have also taken over 1.5 million pictures of the luxury store on Instagram - 847,477 more than Selfridges in second place.

Harrods has been declared the most popular department store in the world

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One person you won’t see in any photos from the past years is Prince Philip.

The late Duke of Edinburgh was sensationally banned from shopping there. It all started when Prince Philip announced he was withdrawing his royal warrant in 2000.

"The warrant will not be renewed because of the significant decline in the trading relationship between the household and Harrods over several years," a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said at the time.

Of course, as seen in season five of The Crown, Harrods’ connection to Diana’s flame after Charles, Dodi Al-Fayed could’ve played a part. Harrods was owned by Dodi’s father at the time, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

"We are proud of the Harrods reputation as the world’s finest store and we naturally welcome discerning shoppers from all over the world," Mohamed Al Fayed said in a statement months later. "The royal family, with the exception of Prince Philip, are welcome to shop at Harrods at any time."

The Queen reportedly loved to do her own shopping in Harrods, even after Philip was banned

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While Philip was banned, it was revealed that the Queen loved to pick up bits from the store. Anne Glenconner, Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting, shared that the Queen liked to do her own shopping there, especially picking up bits for her grandchildren.

The data also reveals that London’s stores make up one fifth of the top 10 most popular department stores in the world.

Following Harrods in second place is Selfridges, with Liberty coming in eighth.

Macy’s is the most popular from the United States, coming in third, followed closely by Paris’ Galeries Lafayette in fourth.

Saks Fifth Avenue rounds out the top five.

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