Prince Harry's weird sweetie habit as a boy revealed

Prince Harry's weird sweetie habit as a child has been revealed by the Duke of Sussex in his recently released autobiography, Spare

Prince Harry's weird sweetie habit as a child has been revealed by the Duke of Sussex in his recently released autobiography, Spare
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Prince Harry's weird sweetie habit has been revealed, as the Prince admits that when he was a young boy at Eton, he had an unusual way of consuming his candy.

In his new autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry revealed a number of different things about his childhood. One specific story revealed that he had an interesting way of consuming candy when he was a child.

"After lunch we’d queue in the corridor, along the wall, craning to see, just ahead, the grub table, piled high with sweets," wrote the Prince as he reminisced about his school's 'grub days'.

"Munchies, Skittles, Mars Bars and, best of all, Opal Fruits," said the Prince. He then joked about the brand changing its name and said, "I took great offense when Opal Fruits changed their name to Starburst. Pure heresy. Like Britain changing its name."

He then continued his story and gave a vivid explanation that described how he would squish his sweets together until he had a fat wad of sugar that he would then gobble down. "I devised a way of super-sizing my sugar rush,” the passage reads. “I’d take all my Opal Fruits and squeeze them together into one massive gobstopper… As the wad melted, my bloodstream would become a frothy cataract of dextrose," he said.


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While only some can relate to this bizarre way of eating sweets, many can relate to the frustration of Opal Fruits changing their name to Starburst. This change took place in 1998 as the brand was already called Starburst in the US, and the brand wanted global appeal under the same name.

Fans on Twitter agreed with Prince Harry about this name change. "There is one thing in #Spare likely the whole nation can agree with #PrinceHarry on…. Opal Fruits should have never been changed to @Starburst and they’re best when you press four together for the full flavour juice bomb," said one person who read the book. 

"#PrinceHarry is spot on in his book. Changing the name of Opal Fruits to Starburts WAS sacrilege #Spare," said another.

Many shared the same frustration when marathon became snickers, and felt that their favorite brand lost some of its brand identity.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex departs after the National Service of Thanksgiving

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In other parts of Spare, Prince Harry made other revelations about his life and childhood. Prince Harry revealed the final words he 'whispered' to the Queen on her deathbed and Prince Harry says Prince William 'knocked him to the floor' during physical 'attack' at Nottingham Cottage in another shocking admission.

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