Prince Harry's unusual nickname for Kate Middleton revealed

Kate Middleton's nickname from brother-in-law, Prince Harry, is rather sweet

Kate Middleton's nickname that she was given by her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, is rather sweet and shows their close bond
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Kate Middleton's nickname from Prince Harry has been revealed.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William she became the Duchess of Cambridge and began using the name Catherine instead of the shortened version of the name, Kate. Although she is still commonly referred to as Kate Middleton, she now has another title and has become the Princess of Wales in recent months following the Queen's passing. 

Among all of these titles, the Princess has a few nicknames that she's also been given by her close family members. It has been revealed that Prince Harry refers to Catherine as 'Cath,' a nickname that only he seems to use to refer to the Princess.

While appearing on BBC Radio 1 five years ago, Catherine was asked by the presenter Scott Mills about this nickname. "Kate, if you don't mind me asking, I heard a podcast with Harry recently and he refers to you as William and Cath, and that really confused me."

Kate and William laughed as Scott continued to say, "Everyone else calls you Kate, all the press call you Kate, so is this a thing that is just in the family?" Kate joked that she'll, "answer to most things," and laughed about her brother-in-law's nickname for her.

Previously, Kate has revealed that she has also had some other unusual nicknames in her time. While visiting  St Andrews, a school in Pangbourne, Berkshire, where she used to go to school, the Princess revealed she had matching nicknames with her sister.

"I was nicknamed Squeak just like my guinea pig. There was one called Pip and one called Squeak because my sister was called Pippa and I was Squeak," she told the young pupils. 

While the Princess doesn't go by this nickname anymore, there are many nicknames for different members of the Royal Family - and some of them are just as bizarre.

Kate Middleton

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One of the particularly strange royal family nicknames is 'cabbage'. This is what Prince Philip used to call his wife the Queen, and while it may sound almost offensive, apparently the nickname is based on the French phrase “mon petit chou”, meaning “my darling”, which has a literal translation in English of “my little cabbage.” So not quite so offensive after all!

Prince William reportedly used to call his grandmother, 'Gary,' because he couldn't say 'Granny.' “The Queen was on hand after William fell over at Buckingham Palace, bawling, ‘Gary, Gary’,” revealed columnist Richard Kay in the Daily Mail. “A guest who went to help asked who Gary was, assuming it must be a member of the royal household. ’I’m Gary,’ explained the Queen, as she scooped him up. ‘He hasn’t learned to say Granny yet.'"

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