Prince Harry's Super Bowl look surprises fans—particularly when it comes to his 'different' hair

Prince Harry's Super Bowl look has surprised fans as many have questioned if the Prince has had something done to his hair

Prince Harry's Super Bowl look
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Prince Harry's Superbowl look has surprised fans who are confused by the Prince's luscious ginger locks and his decision to wear a certain clothing item.

Prince Harry's Super Bowl look has both surprised and impressed fans as many had a lot to say about the royal's choice of clothing. 

Although the event didn't require face masks, Prince Harry and his cousin Princess Eugenie showed their Covid-conscious side and wore face coverings to this event. Fans were impressed and many took to social media to compliment the royals. 

"Prince Harry being at the Super Bowl and wearing his mask the entire time is just a reminder why he’s the superior member of the royal family," said one commenter.

"Prince Harry’s the only guy at the entire super bowl wearing a mask," added another.

"I think Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie were LITERALLY the only ones wearing a mask during the super bowl......I'm??" said a third.

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Aside from Harry's decision to wear a mask, another aspect of his look also surprised fans. In images taken at the event, the Prince's hair looked full and thick, but in previous years he has had a more receding hairline and balder patches towards the back of his head.

Fans on social media were shocked by the Princes' hair and many even suggested that it wasn't the Prince at the event.

"I’m not convinced that this is Princess Eugenie and prince harry, not convinced at all. Too much hair on Harry’s head," said one royal fan.

"#PrinceHarry has hair... Hair... lots of HAIR?" added another.

"So was it confirmed that was Prince Harry? Because last week that hair was looking different lol," said a third commenter.

Some fans were also confused by Prince Harry's Super Bowl outing with Princess Eugenie as many questioned where Meghan Markle was during the fun cousin-bonding event.

The Duchess of Sussex has opted for a more low-key profile since moving to the US and it is thought that Meghan likely stayed at her £14 million Santa Barbara mansion with her two young children and watched the match from home.

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Although the photos taken at the Super Bowl suggest that Prince Harry still has a great relationship with his cousin Eugenie, it is thought that his relationship with other royals may not be as strong.

It has been suggested by a royal insider that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been axed from the royal balcony wave at Prince Charles' future coronation. Although it's suggested that this decision has been made to show Charles' commitment to 'slimming down the monarchy,' the frosty relationship between the Prince and other members of the royal family could also be to blame.

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