Prince Charles thought Harry needed a 'strong woman' but was 'unprepared' for Meghan, royal expert claims

Prince Charles' relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan is at a low point, but a royal expert claims its not beyond repair

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales waves to members of the public during a visit to Cockington Court, a centre of creativity which is operated by Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust on July 20, 2022 in Torquay, United Kingdom. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are on a 3-day visit to the southwestern region to celebrate the Prince of Wales' 70th year as the Duke of Cornwall.
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Prince Charles thinks that Prince Harry is a "sensitive" man who would always gravitate towards a "strong woman", a royal expert claims. But Charles wasn't prepared for the effect Meghan's arrival in Harry's life would have on their relationship.

Prince Charles wasn't ready for the effect that Meghan had on the royal family, an expert has claimed. 

Royal author and expert Ingrid Seward has discussed the crumbling relationship between Prince Harry and his father Prince Charles in light of the claims that Prince Harry and Meghan declined to stay with Prince Charles during their UK tour.

She explained to The Mirror, "Harry and Charles had much in common. They both loved nature and animals and together with William played polo as a family unit.

"Harry was sensitive and Charles knew he would need a strong woman. He liked Meghan when she came along.

"But Charles was unprepared for her to take over Harry the way she did and turn him against everything he knew and loved including his own family."


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The royal author goes on to link Prince Harry's current behavior to unresolved issues with his father as a result of his mother, Diana Princess of Wales, passing away when he was a child.

She went on to say, "Prince Charles has always liked to think he was close to his sons. When Diana was tragically killed, he knew he would have to step up to the mark and abandon any other plans he had.

"Workaholic that he was – there was no question of not doing so and Charles took over.

"No newspapers no television and sadly very little discussion about their late mother.

"Charles thought that was the right thing to do. It wasn’t until much later that Harry revealed he had hidden his private emotions so deeply; it took years for the real grief to come out."

Royal expert Seward then discussed how this had a detrimental effect on Harry's relationship with his father.

"He blamed his father. He felt that Charles should have explained to both he and William exactly how and why the accident had occurred. Years passed and Harry complained he still didn’t understand if his mother had been the victim of an assassination attempt or if it was just a tragic accident.

"He was angry. Angry with his brother. Angry with his father and angry with his stepmother, Camilla whom he decided he disliked having got along with her perfectly well before."

But Seward does believe that the could be light at the end of the tunnel for father and son, claiming that one day Prince Harry will "come round".

"Charles has to be emotionally strong. It hurts being rejected and bad-mouthed by a son he seldom sees. He hopes Harry will eventually come around as he has in the past. He is patient. He will wait."

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