Prince Charles' 'private performances' of Aretha Franklin songs revealed

Prince Charles was a big fan of the late Aretha Franklin

Prince Charles had 'private performances' of Aretha songs
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Soul singer Mica Paris has revealed that she has treated Prince Charles to numerous 'private performances' of Aretha Franklin songs over the years. 

Prince Charles' stellar music taste has hit headlines this week after it was revealed that the 73-year-old is a 'big fan' of the US soul superstar, Aretha Franklin. 

Speaking at the Commonwealth Day service on Tuesday, Mica Paris told reporters that she has performed the late singer's material for the eldest of the Queen's children multiple times in the past. 

"I’ve done lots of private performances for him over the years," the British singer said. "He’s a big Aretha Franklin fan, so I always used to have to sing Aretha for him." 

The exciting insight came shortly after Mica belted out her 2020 song, Mamma Said, for the star-studded congregation at Westminster Abbey. The 52-year-old was especially thrilled to showcase her own music, having previously only been asked to perform the Queen of Soul's tracks. 

Mica Paris

Mica Paris receiving her MBE at Mark's Club on November 17, 2021 in London, England. 

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"Today was really good because it was the first time they liked my songs, it’s not that they don’t like my old songs but he didn’t ask me to sing Aretha," she jokingly added.

Prince Charles' love of Aretha Franklin likely dates back to 1980 when he got the opportunity to hear her incredible vocals live. The Chain of Fools singer performed at a gala command show for the Prince of Wales, Princess Diana, and the Queen Mother, at the Royal Albert Hall in November of that year, and reportedly even spoke to her royal spectators backstage.  

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla enjoy a concert at the Royal Albert Hall 

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Unfortunately, this would be the last time Franklin sang for Charles in person. It's understood that she was invited back to England again to entertain the monarchy but reportedly declined due to her crippling phobia of flying. 

Prince Charles is known to appreciate a wide range of musical genres, revealing that he listens to Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, and Edith Piaf during a hospital radio show in July 2020. He also cited "Givin' Up, Givin' In" by The Three Degrees—which was performed for him by the American band on his 30th birthday—as one of his favorite songs, admitting it "used to provide me with an irresistible urge to get up and dance".

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