Prince Charles’ hilarious response to German beerhouse invitation leaves royal fan in stitches

The Prince of Wales delighted a Birmingham local with his cheeky quip during his visit to the English city

Prince Charles’ reply to German beerhouse invitation
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Prince Charles showed off his cheeky side in Birmingham after a local invited him for a spontaneous drink - and royal fans can't get enough of the hilarious exchange. 

A Birmingham local says he no longer views the Royal Family as 'stuck-up', after enjoying an unlikely chat with Prince Charles on the streets of his hometown. 

The Prince of Wales traveled to the English city on Thursday, July 28, to attend an opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, much to the excitement of Brummie royal fans. The visit saw Prince Charles read aloud the Queen's secret message, in light of the 96-year-old monarch's inability to make the event in person, and meet with athletes participating in the competition. 

His arrival was met by a wave of hysteria, with crowds lining Victoria Square to catch a glimpse of their future King in the flesh. 


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One of these spectators was Daniel Walker, a shift worker en route to join some friends for drinks at the end of a long workday. The 31-year-old's journey to the pub took an unlikely turn, however, when he happened upon swarms of people welcoming Prince Charles to Birmingham. 


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In a TikTok clip that has since gone viral, Walker shouts at the prince, "Charles, Charles, are you going to go for a beer?"

"What?" the prince replies, seemingly unable to hear the question amid the deafening noise. Walker repeats himself, prompting the 74-year-old to ask, "Where?" before breaking into a cheeky grin. 

Thinking on his feet, the gutsy Birmingham man takes it upon himself to suggest a location. "Anywhere, Albert's Schloss?" he says, referring to a huge German beerhouse in the heart of the city. 

Prince Charles politely acknowledges the offer but (unsurprisingly) doesn't accept, simply replying, "Thank you very much." 

Afterwards, Walker recalled the surreal experience in an interview with Birmingham Live. 

"I didn’t expect him to respond," the employee admitted. "When he said, ‘What’, that made me a bit nervous."

Fortunately for Walker, that wouldn't be the end of his interaction with Charles. 

"I walked around and I could see his security guard wanted to speak to me," he said. 

"I introduced myself and he said if you hang out here you can chat to him. I waited around five minutes and Prince Charles came over and asked me what I did and shook my hand. He said, ‘Good luck with your ventures’.

"It’s changed my view of Prince Charles. I thought the Royal Family was stuck up. I am all about laughs and jokes." 

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