Prince Andrew's anger towards Charles and William revealed - 'he is fuming with them for stopping his plans'

Prince Andrew's anger towards members of the Royal family has been revealed by a royal source who claims the Prince wants his titles back

Prince Andrew's anger
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Prince Andrew's anger towards his family, specifically Prince Charles and Prince William, has been revealed by a royal source who claims the Duke of York is not happy with his current position in the Royal Family.

Following Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview the Duke publicly announced he was stepping back from his royal duties and would no longer be considered a working royal. 

It was then announced in February earlier this year that the Queen would not remove Prince Andrew’s Duke of York title after the sex abuse settlement. The settlement itself saw the Royal Family pay Virginia Guiffre, a sex trafficking victim of Jeffrey Epstein, a sum estimated to be around £10 million in an out-of-court settlement.

Although the Prince maintained the Duke of York title, he was stripped of many others. He was stripped of a number of military titles such as, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, Honorary air commodore of RAF Lossiemouth, and Colonel-in-chief of the Royal Irish Regiment. He was also a royal patron to nearly 200 charities and organizations, but many removed his association following the scandal. Prince Andrew can also no longer use an 'HRH' title so will no longer be referred to as 'His Royal Highness'.

A source told Fox News that Andrew is unhappy with this arrangement and blames his brother and nephew. "Andrew is desperate to rebuild his life and wants his titles back." The source added, "but he is fuming with Charles and William for stopping his plans."

Prince William

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Following the scandal, the Prince was uninvited from a number of royal events as a now-disgraced member of the family. For example, Prince Andrew was excluded from the Garter Day ceremony after Prince Charles and Prince William's intervention.

This led to frustration from the Prince and a source revealed to the Telegraph, "The colonelcy of the Grenadier Guards was his most coveted title and he wants it back. Having remained a Counsellor of State, he also believes he should be included at royal and state events." The source added, "most importantly for him is his status as an HRH and ‘Prince of the Blood’ and he feels that should be reinstated and his position recognized and respected."

As the future monarchs and the next in the royal line of succession, Prince William and Prince Charles have the most responsibility for the future of the Royal Family. As the Princes continue to exclude the Duke of York from these family occasions, reconciliation and a reinstating of Prince Andrew's titles seems unlikely.

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