Oprah and Prince Harry's mental health series reveals that Meghan Markle cried ahead of tell-all release

'I was woken up in the middle of the night to her crying in her pillow'

UNSPECIFIED - UNSPECIFIED: In this handout image provided by Harpo Productions and released on March 5, 2021, Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on A CBS Primetime Special premiering on CBS on March 7, 2021. (Photo by Harpo Productions/Joe Pugliese via Getty Images)
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The Me You Can't See, Oprah and Prince Harry's long-awaited mental health series, has finally debuted on Apple TV+. With it comes a string of emotional revelations, one of which is that Meghan Markle broke down before her tell-all with Oprah aired. 

• According to the series, Prince Harry said that Meghan Markle cried ahead of the release of their March sit-down with Oprah. 

• A combination of factors led to her distress, including a UK tabloid story where a former palace staffer accused the duchess of bullying, as well as pressure from the Firm. 

• In other royal news, many are wondering if Princess Beatrice's baby will have a title and change the royal line of succession. 

The Me You Can't See delivers authentic experiences. 

In the Oprah and Prince Harry docuseries, we witness the Duke of Sussex recall emotional moments throughout his life, most recently being how his wife Meghan Markle has responded to media backlash.  

"I was woken up in the middle of the night to her crying in her pillow because she doesn't want to wake me up because I'm already carrying too much," Prince Harry admitted. "That's heartbreaking. I held her, we talked, she cried, and she cried, and she cried."

He went on to say that she was upset not only with pressure from the firm but a UK tabloid story that alleged she had bullied staffers at Kensington Palace. Between backlash and the impending airing of her candid and surprising interview with Oprah, Meghan's mental health suffered. 

This is but one of the Duke of Sussex's shocking and disheartening anecdotes. In the series, Prince Harry said he abused drugs and alcohol following the death of his mother. One of his most powerful memories of Princess Diana isn't a happy story with his mother, rather one of pain. 

"When I think about my mum, the first thing that comes to mind is always the same one over and over again," he said. "Strapped in the car, seatbelt across with my brother in the car as well and my mother driving being chased by three, four, five mopeds with paparazzi on and then she was always unable to drive because of tears. There was no protection."

Despite the difficult material addressed in The Me You Can't See, the series is meant to destigmatize negative connotations surrounding mental health and offer a community for those who are struggling. 

"To make that decision to receive help is not a sign of weakness," Prince Harry says in the series' trailer. "In today's world, more than ever, it's a sign of strength."

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