Prince George ‘went crazy’ over this standout fashion item

George must have inherited his mom’s passion for fashion

Prince George of Cambridge attends the Men's Singles Final
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British music icon Craig David revealed Prince George went “crazy” over the sparkly blue tracksuit he wore for the Platinum Jubilee concert. One of the performers for the Party at the Palace, Craig was invited to a gathering at Buckingham Palace afterwards where he met Prince William, who told him of his son’s delight and obsession with his sequin outfit.

Kate might be known for her fashion hacks and flawless style, but a love for fashion seems to run in the family – according to Craig David.

The British singer was one of the big names who performed at the Platinum Jubilee’s Party at the Palace, and for the occasion he donned a rather snazzy sparkly blue tracksuit.

And his choice of apparel reportedly got the royal seal of approval from Prince George.

Describing how he was invited to a “little soiree” along with his mother at Buckingham Palace after the star-studded spectacular, Craig shared that Prince William approached him to let him know of George’s appreciation for his attire.

Craig David performed at the Platinum Jubilee Party at the Palace

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He said, “[My mother] was gripping my hand and I could tell what she was going to say, she said, ‘we’re in the Queen’s house’. Prince William walks over, he comes over, says, ‘my son George was going crazy for the blue sequined outfit that you were wearing.’”

“My mum was there, I said, ‘lovely to meet you, love that George loved the outfit.’”

“That moment for me, as a son, was probably the most incredible moment for me.”

Prince George was delighted by Craig David's sequin outfit

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Speaking of his own admiration for the Royal Family, Craig went on to describe William as “super down-to-earth” and credited both the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry as part of a new chapter for the monarchy.

He said, “It's almost like seeing him and seeing Harry and seeing the next generation coming through, I feel it's giving a different tone to the royal family.”

Still, it’s not just the new generation of royals who have earned his praise – Craig is also a big fan of King Charles, and the Prince’s Trust charity.

Started by Charles when he was the Prince of Wales, The Prince's Trust was founded in 1976 to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track. It supports 11-to-30-year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.

Craig David is an ambassador of Charles' Prince's Trust charity

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Speaking about Charles and his work with young people, Craig said, “I’m an ambassador of the Prince's Trust… He's a stand-up guy. Whenever I met him, it's not the pretence of what could come with being a royal.”

“He's very down-to-earth and he is very much an advocate for, 'How can we help the young children?'”

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