Mike Tindall makes surprising confession about his relationship with Zara

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Mike Tindall has been teased by his rugby friends about who wears the trousers in his relationship with Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips.

Mike Tindall has confessed his wife Zara is the boss in their household.

The rugby star, 41, made the admission whilst recording the House of Rugby podcast with James Haskell and Alex Payne - after the boys teased him for missing the last episode due to other work commitments.

Alex teased, "It is nice of you to make it this week Tins, because last week you ducked out at the final hour because..."

What Mike's friend was referring to was his virtual appearance at Royal Ascot with Zara last week - after the real thing was cancelled due to coronavirus.

Defending his actions, he said, "I was doing some stuff that I had forgotten about around Ascot.

"Obviously you might have seen we popped up on the TV, we got dressed up in top hats and basically we had a good day at home and possibly we might have had a drink or two so it wouldn't have been wise for me to be on the air."

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Confessing that Zara wears the trousers in their marriage, Mike said, "I wasn't going to get out of. If I would have got out of it, my wife would have been very upset with me, so basically the boss reeled me in."

James - who is married to Richard and Judy's daughter, Chloe - called him out and simply suggested Mike got paid more for his appearance at Ascot than taking part in the podcast.

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He joked, "You just got more money doing Ascot than doing the podcast."

Appearing to admit that's true, Mike added, "That new conservatory is not going to pay for itself is it? Let's be honest."

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It comes just weeks after Zara revealed the one thing keeping her sane during lockdown is her horses.

While many of us are struggling to look on the bright side during lockdown, Zara has revealed that her horses have kept her feeling positive.

In a royal special edition of Horse & Hound magazine, Zara, 39, said, “Those of us who have been able to spend time with our horses during lockdown are so lucky – a lot of people haven’t and that’s incredibly tough for them.”

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