This is why the Duchess of Sussex had to rush out of her clothing launch


The Duchess of Sussex left her Smart Works clothing launch because she had to get home to feed four-month-old Archie.

Duchess Meghan officially launched her fashion line in partnership with charity Smart Works, and gave a speech explaining why the project was so important to her and her values.

At the end of the event, Meghan was spotted saying: ‘I’ve got to get back to the baby – it’s feeding time’. It seems the Duchess is a very doting mum, and we think it’s sweet that little Archie was on her mind during the event.


Meghan created her new fashion line, which includes work by friend and fashion designer Misha Nonoo, to help women dress for job interviews.

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In her unscripted speech, the Duchess said: ‘I think it's really key in this day and age that we remember it's not just about the people you know you're supporting, it's about the people you don't know — that you may never know, may never meet.

‘As women, it is 100 per cent our responsibility, I think, to support and up-lift each other.’

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She added: ‘To champion each other so we aim to succeed, to not set each other up for failure but instead to really be there rallying round each other and say 'I want to help you'.

Explaining the importance of the range, Meghan said: ‘And you may not ever meet that person but you know when you put on that blazer or that shirt or you carry that tote or put on those trousers and that dress that some other woman on the other side of this country is wearing that piece because you made that purchase.’

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