Lady Louise's future to be decided by her uncle Prince Charles

Lady Louise's future is set to be decided by her uncle Prince Charles' whose position in the royal family could change her life forever

Lady Louise's future
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Lady Louise's future is in the hands of her uncle Prince Charles who will decide how important her position in the royal family will be.

As Prince Charles is the eldest of the Queen's four children, he is next in the royal line of succession and will be the leader of the royal family when the Queen dies. This position means that the Prince of Wales will be making a lot of decisions on behalf of other members of the rotal family concerning their futures.

Royal author Ian Lloyd, who wrote 'The Duke: A Life in 100 Chapters', told Express that Prince Charles will decide which family members will be 'working royals.'

"A lot of it is down to Prince Charles if he is King and the discussions they have," said Ian.

"I remember Princess Margaret saying in the 1950s they couldn't wait for Princess Alexandra, their cousin, to grow up because then she could shoulder some of the burden because the Royal Family was very small in the Fifties, Anne and Charles were babies. And so Princess Alexandra became a full-time working royal."

The royal expert then compared Lady Louise with her cousins and said that it was unlikely that she would be a full-time working royal.

"Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice never became senior royals, but they do their charitable things," said the expert. "I think it would be that Louise will have a few charities and worthy causes but I can't see her being a full-time member of the Royal Family in a way that previous generations have been."

The royal expert added, that although this may seem harsh and as if Lady Louise is being cut from the family, this situation could 'suit her.' "And that may suit her, because it is very restricting being a member of the Firm," said Ian.

Lady Louise Windsor

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The expert continued to compare Lady Louise with other members of the royal family as he suggested that as a non-working member, Louise would be free to explore her own interests and career choices.

"When you don't have a royal path drawn ahead—like Zara or Peter Phillips—you are free to do what you want," said the expert. Zara and Peter are both members of the extended royal family and are the lowest in the line of succession when compared to their cousins.

"Lady Louise has her own talent she may wish to pursue, she may wish to be an artist like Margaret's daughter and spend her time doing that," added the royal author.

As a keen horserider, Louise may choose to follow in the footsteps of her aunt, the Princess Royal, who was an Olympic athlete in the equestrian field.

The expert noted, "Princess Anne just about managed to balance the life between being a princess and an equestrian."

"Lady Louise likes carriage driving, if she wants to do that professionally and enter competition abroad and so on, if she isn't a working member of the Royal Family it's easier for her to do so."

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