Lady Louise Windsor’s future plans revealed as Queen’s ‘favorite’ grandchild receives life-changing news

Lady Louise Windsor, the daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex, is set to receive her A-Level results at Bagshot Park

Lady Louise Windsor’s future revealed as Queen’s ‘favorite’ grandchild receives life-changing news
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Lady Louise Windsor is set to receive life-changing news about her future today, as the royal teen opens her highly-anticipated A-level results. 

It's a special day for Lady Louise Windsor! 

The only daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex will receive her A-level results at Bagshot Park on Thursday (August 18), joining hundreds of thousands of UK school-leavers in the nervous wait to discover what their future holds. 

Lady Louise, 18, sat the exams in June at St. Mary's Ascot, the elite Berkshire boarding school she has attended since 2017. It's understood that she took English, History, Politics, and Drama, having already completed her AS levels in the same subjects last year. 

With results dropping this morning at 8 am, Lady Louise has likely already welcomed a message of congratulations from Her Majesty from Balmoral Castle. It's been widely reported that the horse-loving teen is the favorite of the Queen's grandchildren, with one royal source even claiming that the pair have become "incredibly close" in recent years.

Lady Louise Windsor takes part in the 'Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet

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It remains unknown why Lady Louise chose the arts and humanities to study, but it's likely that her father, the Earl of Wessex, came in handy during those late-night cramming sessions. Prince Edward also took English, History, and Politics for his A-Levels, before securing a place at the University of Cambridge to read History. Sophie did not attend university, training to be a secretary instead before pursuing a successful career in Public Relations. 

Speaking to the Times in 2020, the 57-year-old shared a rare insight into her teenage daughter's plans for the future. 

"She’s working hard and will do A-levels," the countess revealed. "I hope she goes to university. I wouldn’t force her, but if she wants to." 

When asked again by BBC Radio 5 in 2021 for her thoughts on Lady Louise's life-altering decision to go to university, Sophie said, “I have to let her live her life. It’s not mine to live. I can only equip her the best that I can, and then she has to make her own choices.”

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