Kirstie Allsopp defends and praises Duchess of Cambridge after post-birth criticism

Kirstie Allsopp has come to the defence of the Duchess of Cambridge, after she received criticism following the birth of the new royal baby.

A few fans were left disappointed that Catherine, 36, and Prince William failed to speak to the press or answer questions when they emerged from the Lindo Wing at London’s St Mary’s Hospital on Monday with their newborn son, just hours after his arrival.

This appeared to infuriate Kirstie, though who was quick to condemn the critics. She also praised the Duchess of Cambridge for coming out with her new arrival at all.

Speaking live on Good Morning Britain, Kirstie voiced her thoughts that Catherine likely felt ‘pressure’ to even come outside at all – given the precedent set by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

She told hosts Ben Shepherd and Susanna Reid, “She’s following in the footsteps of her late mother-in-law. She’s always going to feel that pressure. Diana came out and did it. So, of course I suspect that the Duchess of Cambridge wants to be seen to do it.

“Also, she had her baby in her arms. That’s a six-hour old baby. You’re not going to go and expose it to a whole load of people. I just thought it was insane that people suggested it.”

Kirstie continued, “I don’t think she has a responsibility, I’m sure she feels a responsibility because of previous generations. If she wants to jump in the car and zoom out the back good for her. I don’t think she has any responsibilities except to the baby. She did do it, and it was incredibly impressive.”

Earlier on in the week, the TV presenter had responded to a tweet reading, ‘Couldn’t they have spared one minute to speak to all the people?’, condemning the unrealistic expectations on Catherine.

She wrote, ‘Are you insane?!! 6 hours after giving birth she’s supposed to stop and chat?!!’

She continued, ‘She’s not bloody super human, honestly what is wrong with people? Is it not enough that she’s got togged up & come out with the wee one?’

Many social media users agreed with mum-of-two Kirstie, 46, and also showed their support for the Duchess.

‘Poor Kate who wants to go parade in front of paps and 100s of people 6 hours after giving birth?? NO WOMAN EVER! Give her a break,’ one fan tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘Well put Kirstie! If tables were turned, not sure they’d stop and talk either….pushing & shoving a baby into the World and then expected to talk a mere 6hrs afterwards, really?’

And one added, ‘Think the last thing any woman would want to do after labour is stand out in the cold talking to reporters, he was only hours old & they had the 2 other children to get back to’.

Catherine and William welcomed their new baby boy at 11.01am on Monday and he weighed in at 8lbs 7oz. It has just been announced by Kensington Palace that the new addition is to be named Prince Louis Arthur Charles. He will officially be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles.

Shortly before leaving hospital on Monday, William brought their older children Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, to visit their little brother.

The couple then travelled home to Kensington Palace with the latest addition to the family just before 6pm.

FROM: Woman, our sister site. Written by Anna Francis.


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