King Charles planning 'biggest royal tour in history' to carry on 'mantra from his late mother'

The Royal Family are reportedly planning the biggest royal tour in history, as Charles’ reign comes at a time of political unrest

Charles is keen on the biggest royal tour in history to usher in his new era
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Senior members of the Royal Family, including King Charles, the Queen Consort Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales, are reportedly planning what is being dubbed the biggest tour in the Royal Family’s history. A royal source has told UK tabloids that the plan is inspired by the mantra of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who believed the royals “had to be seen to be believed.”

King Charles is planning a tour quite unlike anything the Royal Family have pulled off before, according to royal sources.

Keen to make an impact during the first few months and years of his reign, following the unprecedented success of his mother’s history making 70 year reign, Charles wants key members of the working royals to undertake the “biggest” tour ever seen.

Sources have said the royals could undertake as many trips as the Queen carried out during her 25th jubilee celebrations in the 1970s, when she visited 52 Commonwealth states, and made 21 trips to other countries.

Queen Elizabeth on her jubilee tour of the Commonwealth

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An unnamed source has told the British tabloid, the Mirror, that the King is planning a “two-year blitz of foreign travel aimed at extending a hand of friendship and support” to countries including Australia and New Zealand.

The source alludes to the fact that Charles is “acutely aware” he has ascended to the throne during a particularly unstable time, with political unrest and some countries being more vocal about independence from the crown.

Another reason for such an extensive tour, the source adds, is that the King wants to carry on the “long-held mantra from his late mother of being seen to be believed.”

Charles wants to do a huge two-year royal tour

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The late Queen Elizabeth II was said to have always repeated that phrase, insinuating that people catching a sight of the royals reaffirms their position.

William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are said to be leaned on as a “major support role” as the royals begin the Carolean era.

William and Catherine are already set to visit the United States in the coming months for William’s Earthshot Prize.

The King is also understood to be keen to undertake a number of solo trips, both at home and overseas. This will allow the Queen Consort to undertake more engagements for her personal projects.

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